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Blog Sale Part-2 DELAYED: Now 5:00 PM & Things To Note

Hey Everyone,

Blog Sale Part-2 moved to 5:00 PM now, for various reasons.

Hope it still suits everybody.

Yesterday's sale went great, but there was some confusion. So in today's sale, if the person who comments first decides not to take something, I will give it to the next commenter. Passing around of stuff will not be entertained.

Hope there won't be any angry customers today =)

See you again soon!

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. Replies
    1. Wht good Kejal...u were the one who benefited most from passing of stuff...double standards....

    2. Exactly! Agreed!

    3. Ohhh! Were u stopped from doing the same??
      Wht happ to ur name Anon??

      Btw: Thats a friendship day gift for a frnd who wanted it..not for me :p

    4. We are decent enuf to follow rules....not praising d rules n breaking them for one's interest...n as far as name is considered...u don't need to know gal....good luck for today :)

    5. U r jus being spiteful! Pls go chk the post, I asked for the blush : one complete hour atfer the sale was up. (do chk the time I asked for the blush)
      I had gone back to chk if I got the cashmere bronzer and I saw there were no takers for Bella Bamba.
      I called my friend who wanted it and she said yesss..pls pick it if its still available. So I asked.

    6. Listen girl...m not being spiteful at all....just tht one shudn't be too faced...anyways let it be...n u do decide whether d blush was a friendship day gift or ur friend asked fr it :)

  2. noooo!!! not at 5 :'(
    i have classes... i am gonna be in tears!! :(

  3. its 5 already ! I need to go some where how long?

  4. cynth plz be fast at 6 my classes vl strt nd i hv to go so plz plz be fast

  5. kab hoga yeh sale? waiting for ages.


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