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Lakme Fantasy Collection Botanica Eye Color Quartet Review, Swatches & EOTD

A heavenly quartet of radiant powders explode to color, shape and highlight your eyes. Inspired by the mysteries of the forest, these botanical shades usher in a rush of fresh color! Brighten your eyes with dewy green, petal pink and gold pastels.

Lakme Botanica Quartet consists of 4 Shades, all with a pearl finish:
  • Beige 
  • Brown (?)
  • Petal pink or burgundy
  • Dewy green or parrot green
I was very excited about one color in this palette- the second taupe brown one. But I was really (really) disappointed that it came out more reddish-toned instead :\. It's a deceptive shade, I tell you.

Very pigmented and blend really nicely.
♥ The green shade is really bright & pretty. Very flattering on brown eyes.
♥  Beige shade is so versatile. It can be used as a face highlighter too.
♥ Sturdy packaging, although I wish it was prettier- maybe green, like the eyeshadow in it. It is also a little hard to open. 
♥ Price. Rs.455/- is just about right for this. It's not worth more than that.

- The petal pink/burgundy color is too soft and fall out a lot.
- Taupe brown turned out reddish brown
- Sponge tip applicator. OMG I think I murdered it. One wash and it's gone. They shouldn't even bother making it anymore!

On to the swatches & EOTD (eye of the day) with all the eyeshadows...

The brown and petal pink look almost the same, don't know why

How to:
  • First, beige shade all over lid up to the brow bone & inner corner
  • Green only on either side of my lid, leaving the center, and inner half of bottom lash line
  • Brown on the crease. Blend well
  • Magenta to line upper lash line & outer half of bottom lash line

Other products used:
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance to prime lid
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyelinee in Zero to tightline and on waterline
  • Maybelline Collosal Volum' Express Mascara

Last words: I would have bought this eyeshadow quartet myself, because I really liked the taupe brown (not!), beige and green shades. But after trying it, I think I'd buy it only for the green and beige.

Price ~ Rs.455/-
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 3/5

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclosure: Products were sent by PR for review purposes. I am not affiliated with the company nor am I being compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Nice review...When I went to lakme counter, the SA applied the highlighter and burgundy shade on me...and I really loved the overall effect and how decently pigmented these shadows were. I guess sponge applicators are more or less useless in all these quads, so I never bother to even take them out!! :P :P

  2. That looks pretty great!! finally a worthwhile quad from Lakme that is receiving good reviews!!!

    I am loving The green color..but i recently purchased the 88 i guess i will skip this quad from this collection and instead go for the lippies and blush,i guess...!!

  3. ur EOTD is outstanding CZ !!! u knw exactly how to work wit colors..

  4. Lovely quad!! Your eyes look awesome <3

  5. U seriously need to become a pro makeup artist or work with MAC or something

  6. Terrific shades...I'm sooo gonna go buy them ASAP! :D

  7. I am so amazed by the way you have mixed and matched all the four colors, the EOTD has come out beautifully!!

  8. cali- lol..ya they are very useless ;p

    fathima- ya that sounds like a good plan :)

    bhumika- thanks girl..happy u liked

    rakhshandha- thanks


  9. cnf- tweeted u :)

    sof- great! :D

    shruti- Thank u! Lovely comment :)


  10. colors look quite different on the eyes vs on the pallet!

  11. Its one of THE BEST use of the quad i have ever seen :D
    and now i remember one lady mentioning "only green and taupe can be used" she should come and see your EOTD ...
    you have done amazing look honey :D :D
    "Worship" "worship"

    loved it on you CZ :D :D

  12. Hof- ya one of them

    rashmi- haha..ur too funny! Really? One lady said that??!! She's mad then lol.
    Thank u for that sweet comment dear, and no need for worship n all haha


  13. Been through the same thing with brown in their Gypsy collection. Major disappointment. I'm still searching for a good shimmery brown. And i mean 'Real' brown!

    Love your eotd and that green and beige colour makes it all worth buying the whole quartet.


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