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Lakme Fantasy Collection Fantasy Shimmer Liner Review, Swatches. EOTD

About Fantasy Shimmer Liner:
Steal the secret to those twinkling eyes with a gel based liner infused with micro-fine glitter particles. This rich sparkle liner lets you line, layer or blend without smudging or spreading.

Available in 8 colors: 
Glimmer Blue, Mystic Mauve, Moonshine Topcoat, Astral Green, Indigo Star, Pink Crystal, Bronze Melt, Midnight Moon.

I will be reviewing Midnight Moon & Bronze Melt.

  • Midnight Moon ~ Black with silver shimmer
  • Bronze Melt ~ Sparkly Bronze

Fantasy Shimmer Liners Midnight Moon & Bronze Melt

♥  Shimmer is gorgeous. These are as good as shimmer liners can get.
♥  The glitter stays put and doesn't travel/spread.
♥  Dry quickly.
♥  They don't sting my sensitive eyes even when I applied them on my waterline.
♥  Smudge-proof.
♥  Brush. It's thin and very easy to use.
♥  Cute packaging. I love the elongated gold brush handle.
♥  Inexpensive.

-  None. I thought about complaining that they're not waterproof, not even water-resistant, but then if they were, they would crack and flake off your skin after a while. I used a shimmer liner like that once (Avon, I think) :\


Swatches ~ Midnight Moon, Bronze Melt

Okay, I didn't plan on doing an EOTD this time, but I was playing and drawing with the liners one night and ended up with this (used both liners together)..... 

Haha...I guess it would have looked better in daylight. Bronze Melt way too orange with flash. I wanted to show you anyways. Yup, you can draw bows, flowers and whatnot with the liners. I even drew a cat on my hand =D

Price ~ Rs. 275/-
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4.5/5

I think these are great, but I prefer liners in pencil form. I really wish they had made that many colors in the Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks instead. Although, I'm very intrigued by Moonshine Topcoat. If it's a topcoat for eyeshadows then I will have to check it out for sure!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclosure: Products were sent by PR for review purposes. I am not affiliated with the company nor am I being compensated for this post. Honest review, as always.


  1. wow... midnight moon is amazing and so is your eye look. thanks :)

  2. It looks beautiful on your eyes! :)The gold is such a gorgeous, striking color!

  3. loved both colors..esp midnight moon...ur bow is cuteee..

  4. Oh my! LOVE the liners.. they are so pigmented and LOVE the look you created with it :)

  5. I love midnight moon ... it pretty wearable :)

  6. u look so cute with the small bow.

  7. Don't you think it flakes a bit?

  8. Ooo these look beautiful! And they go well with your amazing eyes <3

  9. Anu- It doesn't coz it's gel based. It just looks like that coz it's clicked at a v close angle and magnifying every little gap


  10. Thanks Dominique

    Lav- hehe..thank u



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