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My Perfect Imperfections. Baring it all!

I know I'm quite late with this tag, but I didn't have the time (and courage) to do it until now. I was tagged by Anju to do this a few months back.
Basically, I have to list my 3 imperfections & 3 things I love about myself. So here goes...

My 3 Imperfections:
  1. Skin ~ When it's good, it's great. When it's bad, it's a female dog. I've had one pimple after another since last December. Permanent scars- pock mark on my forehead, scratch mark on my cheek (I'm not sure if it was the nanny or the mother). The biggest evil of all? Pigmentation/Melasma. It's like a time bomb! Right now I have clusters of dark spots in areas of my face, and if I stop taking care or GET KNOCKED UP, they will increase in size and spread all over my face! Ahhh....!!! Babies or a flawless face? One day we will find out.
  2. Uneven lower teeth ~ Actually my top ones were uneven too, but I got them fixed. The lower ones were a lost cause. I'm thinking Invisalign this year, although I could live with uneven bottom teeth.
  3. Nose ~ I wish it was shorter and 'cute as a button'

3 things I love about myself:
  1. Eyes ~ I have a love-hate my eyes actually. I am a little bit cock-eyed, did you know that? You will only notice it if you meet me in person. We have a saying in my hometown: One going China, one turning Tokyo...or something like that lol. Also, because they are light brown & I have thin lashes, I sometimes look like an alien when I don't wear makeup, and they are so sensitive they get red so easily. But once they're done up (and got a dose of eye drops), I love 'em! I think they are where my powers lie (pun intended) haha...
  2. Legs ~ I've always been told that I have nice legs since I was a teenager. I loved wearing short skirts and dresses and  I still do, not because I want to show off my legs or anything like that, I just think my body looks better in them since I'm short and all =D. BUT sometimes when I reveal my legs at a party or somewhere with a lot of people, the next day I get rashes on them!  Nazar (evil eye?) do you say it? Worse case of leg rash happened when I was living with a bunch of girls right after college. I'm not saying people mean it, it just happens when you look at something too much. My cousin sister had the best baby-like flawless skin and everybody (even I) used to compliment her on it, and not long after that, she had skin problems (melasma, white spots and stuff). So you know what I mean. I bought the Aveeno Baby cream specially for my legs.
  3. ...and...I don't know...Lips, I guess ~ When I do lip swatches of lip products in here, some people say I have nice lips. I never thought much of them really, but I believe you now. Thank you! :)
That wasn't so hard after all. There you have it. My Perfect Imperfections.

We all strive for this "Perfection" when we don't even know if it is actually what we think it is. These two women may be able to tell you....

Jenny Lee - The one in the Oprah Show

Heidi Montag

If that means perfect, do you want to be perfect?

Ally McBeal once said, "Happiness is overrated", and I couldn't agree more. It's just a temporary superficial feeling that sounds better than what it is. So, to me, perfection is nothing but a metaphor for happiness.
Contentment, that's what I believe in. It's deep & real, and it's what helps you sleep at night.
I may not be perfect, but I'm content with how I look. As for the imperfections, that's what makeup, skincare products, laser treatments & orthodontists are for. I can't imagine a life without foundation & concealer!

I tag all of you readers and everyone in my Followers list to do this. It's weird how it makes you not want to scrutinize your pores again today ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Cynthia, in Poland we say: one going on Morocco, one turning Caucasus ;) Don't ask me why :DDD

  2. such a cute post Cynthia! I agree with you, you have great legs :) and I love your hair too! I don't know if that 'nazar' thing quite works or not. But I have seen quite a few people complaining about it so might be true.

  3. I too have heard ppl saying abt the nazar thing..esp with hair..

    And yeah u have lovely legs...haha..but dont worry..meri nazar nahin lagegi

  4. ya u have great legs n ya nice lips :D
    every1 of us have sum imperfections..
    n i agree on dat nazar its sd it wud happen to u if u believe in it...n like most indians v do..!!

  5. heehee cynthia you're so cute! your nose is lovely, just as the rest of you :)

    why don't i do my tag here itself?

    3 imperfections

    1. legs - no amount of working out tones these babies!
    2. hair - i have scanty hair, but it's genetic and i can't change that!
    3. i get attached to people very easily and if, unfortunately, i realize that they aren't worth it, i feel bad. real bad. :(

    3 things i love about myself
    1. i'm very headstrong! doesn't mean i'm stubborn.
    2. i am very tolerant
    3. skin - i love everything about my skin, even though it's difficult to manage, with all the dryness. it's not flawless, but i love it nonetheless and take great care of it.

  6. thanks for doing the tag. and the ally mcbeal's quote is so funny! i used to love the show :)

  7. Anju- Me too :)

    Rima- Wow thanks for doin the tag! U do have great skin. I have scanty hair too esp in the front

    bhumika- Thanks girl nad yes we indians believe in a lot of crap hehe

    GGG- Lol..I believe u :D. Thanks!

    Get gawjus- Thanks gurly. I've seen it a lot too so yeah must be true

    Cammie- LOL..that's interesting to know :D


  8. I loved Ally McBeal! But you know, I also wouldn't like to be on prozac either :( Yes, I think being comfortable with who you are is a part of growing up. But I can also see why with so much pressure from our environment, so many people feel the need to change their outward appearance. Le sigh!

  9. OMG this nazar thing...I believe you. Indians have the most evil intentions for others. Buri nazar waali tera mooh kala. (Evil eyed lady, your face shall be black). Just put a kala teeka on your legs girl!

    And I agree with you, being content is so much more important than being perfect.

  10. I loved reading this post. Although you may feel differently - I do think your nose is very cute, just the way it is. Your legs, well, are droolworthy, and I like your attitude of being content - a deep lesson there.

  11. T- Aww...Thank u for making me feel better T hehe.

    AOYV- LOL...ya it's true. might just do that :D

    Tammy- Yup it's the sad



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