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Nyx HD Grinding Blush

NYX is tempting me more than ever before with their new HD (High Definition) products. But the most interestesting to me are the Powders and Blushes, coz of the grinding technique that's used to release product.

Nyx HD Grinding Blush
What it is: A revolutionary system for face blush. This genius system grinds mineral-enriched high-definition blush powder that deflects light from skin an makes pores appear smaller and smoother. Perfect for photos an filming. Grinding powder allows you to control the amount you need and keeps remaining product fresh. Say goodbye to oil trappings on powders, contamination, and cracking.

HD Grinding Blush Shades:
Menage A Trois! I'm not opposed to that in this case ;)

The HD Grinding Powders work the same way. Doesn't this technique sound really cool?!! I can't wait to get my grinders on them!

Blush is priced at $16.50
Powder is priced at $25
I know, the prices are so unlike Nyx. But I guess if they're HD products, price should be HD too ;).

 So, if you wanna grind, you better start saving!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. i saw it on cherry culture and packaging kinda reminded me of smashbox halo

  2. everytime i see nyx i wanna cry...neither my cherri culture package nor my joys cosmetics package has arrived :(

  3. Ohh these look very tempting!!

  4. These look a bit like Smashbox Halo powders and also an Elizabeth Arden one that my mum has..

    Thanks to your post on the NYX cream blushers, I have been loving them. Tan is my perfect blush shade so I've been using the hell out of that..

  5. Rhamnousia- Yup quite similar. Oh, glad u like the Nyx cream blushes too!

    Pnb- I feel bad for u girl. Hope they turn up soon!

    HD- Very!

    Silverstargirl- I haven't tried it

    Sarah- Ya they look almost the same


  6. I saw these a few days ago myself on NYX website - I wish companies wld take a break & not launch so many prdts/lines. It is getting more & more difficult to not get tempted by all this :)


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