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2 Must-try Products For Dry Skin

Don't you just hate it when dry skin starts itching like hell? Especially in places your arms can't reach, like the areas somewhere near your shoulder blades. You ask someone to scratch, but they keep missing the spot..."to the right...a little to the left...a little lower...ya there...scratch harder!". 'Arghh!' moment when that someone is a nail biter!
So, we need skincare products that will prevent dry/itchy skin and unladylike behaviour =D. Like these 2 that I am personally loving this winter:

Dove CreamOil Shower Creme Cherry Blossom & Almond Scent ~ LOVE this! A dollop of it on your loofah will turn into a luxurious creamy lather. The cherry blossom & almond scent is not as delish  as I thought it would be, but it's not bad either. And once it lathers up, you won't care how it smells coz it feels so darn good! It looks like a body lotion and it's baby pink in color (1st pic)
Price ~ Rs.350 for 500ml.

Nivea Smooth Body Milk ~ With Gingko, Shea Butter & Vitamin E. This is one of the best body lotions for winter. I usually find Nivea body lotions 'For dry skin' too greasy, but this is different. It leaves my skin feeling very smooth & silky with a slight sheen, but non-greasy. It would be great for legs. Smells nice too- nothing special, just very 'Nivea'
Price ~ Rs.218  for 250ml.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Hey Cynthia! Yup, long time no comment :p But I've been silently reading your blog still ;)Happy new yr to you too! Tho January is almost over already! hahaa...

  2. Nice product, thinking of getting the nivea lotion :)

  3. You're so right cynthia!! I've been using nivea since ages now!! Just perfect for my skin!!

  4. gahh i need this! My hand was so dry today at school and I kept thinking about what lotion I should use. Might get this ^__^ thanks

  5. i have tried this body wash at my cousin's place... :P i really like it !!
    time to buy the Nivea lotion !! thx for the recommendation !!<3

  6. Fir dry skin u can also try Emolene...its good.. was prescribed to me By kaya skin clinic for dry skin after a chemical peel.U can get it at any drugstore. Its really hydrating

  7. They both sounds gr8, will try & get them once my current stash gets over :)

  8. I wanted to try Nivea Body Milk but was hesitating as they are a bit greasy on me usually. Nice to know this one is not :) Thanks Cynth :)

  9. Thanks for the dry skin cream suggestions. WILL TRY THEM. Have been breaking out since I started using moiturisers this winter.

  10. another good review! This body lotion is my saviour right now and my body cannot thank Nivea enough :P


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