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IVC Makeup & Beauty Awards 2010 ~ Best Eye Cream & Best Drugstore Foundation

I thought it would be fun to feature Makeup & Beauty Awards this year and pick the best of Makeup & Beauty products I have personally been using during and before the year 2010. 
*Mainly Indian brands (or brands widely available in India) will be nominated & brands like MAC and Clinique will NOT be a part of IVC awards (they already have enough awards on their mantles anyway)

First up are the best of Eye Creams & Drugstore Foundations.

Best Eye Cream

Nominees for best Eye Cream~ Lotus Nutraeye Rejuvenating & Correcting Eye Gel, Biotique Almond Under Eye Cream, Himalaya Under Eye Cream

Best Drugstore Foundation

Nominees for Best Drugstore Foundation ~ Revlon Colorstay Foundation Combination/Oily, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, L'Oreal True Match Foundation, Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation

And the winners are:
Best Eye Cream ~ Himalaya Under Eye Cream
Best Drugstore Foundation ~ Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
*Clapping* :)

Have you used these two products?  What are your thoughts?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. LOL! I was just editing a very similar post for my blog :)

    I guess I'll wait a while then before posting it. :P

    I too like Healthy Mix foundation a lot :)

  2. great idea Cynthia...i liked revlon foundation and lakme one too..

  3. I guess I shud try the foundation soon :)

    @ Tanveer : Waiting for your awards now!!

  4. T- Really?! lol...ok waiting to read :)

    Ana- thanks ana...they're good!

    HD- U should it's great!


  5. I may get himalaya's eye cream soon :)

  6. Yup! I did them last year too.. 2009's best buys lol..

  7. Nice post yaar.I will definitely try Himalaya under eye cream :)

  8. lol... nice post... should have put 1 of those gold covered awards with glitters as a finish.. :-))

  9. i love the healthy mix foundation ! the revlon one was a disaster on my skin , not used the eye cream as yet but wil surely try it !

    1. hey wats ur full name??u a south indian??guess i hv seen u somewhere before girl....

  10. Kudos to the winners!!!!!

    I have used only the biotique eye cream and it was kinda ok for me..And in foundations I got a sample sachet..lovely finish the product has..sadly didnt get my shade..

  11. lovely post and u r so right .. healthy mix is very famous foundation .. m going to buy one for me very soon :D
    thank u so much for this and will wait for rest of the award post :D

  12. I would like to try bourjois healthy mix..

  13. Hi Cynthia ... I am really searching for my next foundation and your review really helped me a lot !!!

  14. Chennai Ponnu- Happy it helped u :)

    Bhumika- it's amazing

    Rashmi- ya u should check it out dear. I love it


  15. I've never used the eye cream from Himalaya before but I was rooting for it, actually! It could be the packaging or it could be that, of the three brands, I'm most familiar with Himalaya. :D

  16. can u plz suggest me the best under eye cream....???

  17. m medical student n m sick of ma dark circles .due to busy life style i get only 4-5 hours of sleep daily sometimes its just for 3 please suggest me something very effective for this.everybody says i have good looks but due to dark circles i never looks pretty so please help me i like a boy n wanna impress him..i love him soo much ..pls pls suggest me something :(

  18. i am a medical student beuz of study i don hv much tym for sleep day.per day i can sleep only for 4-5 hours dats y i hv major dark circles.n m sick of this problem kindly help me pls


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