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NEW! Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Masks

Lined up in my supermarket are some of the most tempting-looking hair masks by Schwarzkopt.

Shea Cashmere ~ For dry & drained hair (Review HERE)

Oil Nutritive ~ Anti-split ends mask

Total Repair ~ For dry & damaged hair

Liquid Silk Gloss ~ For dull & lifeless hair

Color Shine & Protect ~ For colored hair

I got Shea Cashmere (Review HERE) It looks like body butter and smells divine! Will review it soon.
By the way, I've tried the Liquid Silk Gloss (everything else but the mask) but didn't like them enough to use them often. Maybe the mask is good, I don't know.

Price ~ Rs.475 each 
*Shampoos & Conditioners also available in each type

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. hmmm...looking nice..will have to check it..I need a hair mask.

  2. They all look & sound great! Will wait for your review before picking these up :)

  3. T- will review it soon! :)
    Bhumika- they look good too :)
    Rakhshanda-ya do check these out


  4. I hope they have these in England as I used one of their conditioners before that I really liked, it was super cheap and nothing has made my hair that soft.

  5. Curious about these.......looking fwd to your review!

  6. i used them it's great!!!!!!! i liked <3


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