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Bourjois Effet 3D Max Lipgloss Review

People with sensitive eyes, beware!
That's its tagline. The thing that is special about this lipgloss is the one-of-a-kind plastic applicator which is perforated so that you can apply it from both sides to add maximum 3 dimensional volume and shine. The gloss is designed with shine micro-activators that brings up to 33% more shine.
Available in 6 shades:
From left to right: #61 Rose Acidule, #62 Rose Gold, #63 Rose Eclat, #64 Framboise Ardent, #65 Cassis Petillant, 68 Brun Etincelant.

Below is a pic of me wearing 63 Rose Eclat :

 Yes, that's a lot of volume and shine. What you don't see are the little streaks and tackiness because I put on  quite a lot of the gloss. This much lip gloss will only look nice in pictures and maybe some occasions otherwise nobody will want to kiss you!
Some people hate the applicator but I think it is what makes the gloss look smooth and 3D. It can get a bit streaky but a few strokes will fix that, like putting icing on a cake using a butter knife.

It has made it into my 'Favorites' list.
Buy again? Definitely.
Love the packaging too.

 The perforated brush

Available at Kunchal's and Lifestyle stores.


  1. I love this lipgloss! I swatched it in the store and my, my, the shine & dazzle and gloss are just wow!.. I keep feeling conflicted if i shd get this one.. it looks amazing, but i wonder if it will look nice during the day.. might be too much for office :D

  2. I think it'll look fine when applied minimally's one of the best

  3. Love your look in the photo - want to go hunt this gloss down NOW.

  4. Thanks Rads...u should, it's lovely



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