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Pond's Age Miracle Anti-Ageing Tinted Moisturizer Review

Someone asked me to do a review on this one so here goes...
I've been using this tinted moisturizer in Sheer Ivory for a while now (about 4 months) and I like everything about it, including the mild pleasant fragrance, except for the somewhat oily texture. But I have been overlooking that because it feels so smooth (like a baby's bottom, really) and has a satin finish. If you want that dewy glow, you'll get it with this. Plus, it evens out the skin tone and covers minor imperfections without making you look made-up. As I don't like to apply foundation, I find this good enough to make my somewhat blotchy skin look almost flawless. Of course I do use a bit of concealer here and there and then set it all with some translucent powder. This must be a god send for dry-skinned people and to those with really aged skin that need a lot of filling between the lines.
Designed with advanced CLA4 complex and SPF 15 PA+++

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines? Yes
  • Evens out skin tone and gives radiance? YES!
  • Soft and smoother skin? Yes. At least while it's actually on your skin.
  • Repurchase? Maybe. If I don't like the next ones on my wishlist.(Who thinks this will beat the award-winning Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and the Mac Studio Moisture Tint?)
Below are some pictures I took of it. I hope they help (taking pictures is so not my thing.)
Shade- Sheer Ivory (With Flash)

This reflected light so much it took a few clicks to get it right (Radiance or what?)

Pond's Age Miracle Anti-Ageing Tinted Moisturizer is available in 3 shades- Sheer Ivory, Sheer Rose and Sheer Honey.
Price- Rs.215 for the 30 ml tube above. Half a pea sized amount is enough for each use.

DBA ^_^


  1. Never knew that even beauty creams had reviews!

    Even though, you took quite pain to write one!
    That impressed me!


  2. Hey CZ,

    Your review is very, very good & very accurate too!

    I bought this product after reading your review two weeks ago & I am very pleased with the product. Thks for the review! It helped me find a very good product!

  3. @ Pawan..thanks! Yup, we girls need to know what we put on our face ;)

    @Tanveer...thanks girl..I'm so glad to hear that u went by my review n that u're pleased with it:). I find it amazing nowadays coz winter is coming and my skin is starting to feel dry.


  4. Hey Cynthia.. Thanks for the review... It is very helpful. Do you have any idea where I can find this in Delhi? Heard a lot about it, searched a lot.. but never found it... please guide..


  5. megmeh- check out in Gk M-block market- kunchal's, Commonwealth store. Hope u find it


  6. Hi Cynthia! I know this a really old post,but I m in a fix and would really appreciate your advice.This particular tinted moisturizer was my go to product for several years and since they stopped it,these are the ones I tried which have NOT suited me :Maybelline BB cream,Garnier,Ponds,Lakme CC,Lakme Absolut,and Colorbar.In Bombay,apart from colorbar,none of the others work for me.Pune,absolutely none work! (weather)I am now considering trying out Lotus nutraglow. I prefer a very light coverage,nothing that looks powdery or made up,and have acne prone skin,plus a very oily t you have any other recommendations I should consider?PLEASE help,I am almost about to give up!Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Amruta, if you liked this then you might like the L'Oreal True Match BB Cream - I really like it. Bourjois CC Cream is also a good option, so test those 2 out in stores, and see. Good Luck!


    2. thank you!will try these two out..... :)


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