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My Favorite Lip Balms

I just CAN'T live without lip balms. If ever stranded on a deserted island and I have to pick just one beauty product, it would definitely be lip balms.
My favorites which I've used so far are:

Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner (Fuchsia Fix, Petting Pink, Hello Kitty- Popster)

Oriental Princess Vitamins Enriched Lip Care (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate)

Too Faced Beauty Balm (Watermelon)

The Body Shop Born Lippy (Raspberry, Strawberry)

Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy (Cocoa & Vanilla)

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

The Body Shop Lip Butter (Wild Cherry)

MAC Tendertones (Sweet Tooth & Honey Bare)
*I wish Mac would make these permanents.

P.S: I don't throw my empty lip balm pots away because I then make my own lip balms and contain them in the empty pots. Will be doing a tutorial on how to make lip balms soon.
Until then... Long Live Lip Balms!!! Muah! :*)


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  2. Lately I am also addicted to lip-balms. I think its mainly because my lips are chapped and dry. I found my new love in Korres' lip butters. Gotta do a review soon.

  3. you should try 'Baume Nourrissant' by Yves Rocher. They're the best ones ever :)

  4. You have no idea how this has helped me! Thanks a lot Cynthia! :-)


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