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Bourjois Glamour Fantasy Perfume Photos

We landed in Indira Gandhi International Airport. Only one thing was on my mind. Something luxury I saw in Amsterdam, but was too expensive. I assumed I'll see the same in India duty-free and it'll be less expensive, and I'll be happy.... and everything will be right with the world again. After standing like a robot in migration, I headed straight to duty-free. Something luxury wasn't available, sadly. Instead, I spotted something I'd blogged about before (here) and had almost forgotten about ~ Bourjois Perfumes. Was disappointed that there were no testers, and I couldn't have a look at what the bottles looked like, but I knew if I didn't buy it then, I may not get my hands on it, coz who knows if they'll launch it in the stores here. Also, there were only 2 types available out of the 4 that were introduced - this & the purple one called Glamour Excessive. I picked this, Glamour Fantasy.
About: This fruity fragrance opens with a gourmet of cherry and raspberry macaroon. In the heart, sweet strawberry & jasmine in a wonderful floral bouquet. In the end, an intense and heady patchouli.
The Good:
  The shape of the bottle is adorable.
♥  It's pink and the painted bow still looks cute.

The Bad:
- The bow isn't a real bow, a real ribbon. I thought it would be =\

- It  smells a little bit like men's cologne. Yes, I get the sweetness of cherry/raspberry/strawberry combine, but there's another dominant scent that's a tad masculine. I think it's the intense and heady Patchouli, and I do not like it.

I don't know what else to say =D

Price ~ $24 | Rs.1506.

Have a sunflowery weekend, everyone! Hope you're all doing well. It's so good to be back in India! See, I bought fresh flowers for 60p (Rs.60), when in UK that many would be £3-5 (Rs.300-500)!
What's New? I started watching a new tv show Betrayal, which is pretty good. And Hostages, which is okay okay so far.

If you think these pics look kinda different, they were taken with my new camera, which I will blog about soon! =)

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  1. Such a gorgeous bottle - I haven't seen these in the shops in the UK, but I'm so curious to smell it :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Pictures look very bright and crisp, would love if camera post gets up soon!

  3. I don't think I would like this fragrance. Sounds too sweet in a strangely overpowering way.

  4. the pictures are perfect. curious to know about the new cam. and ofcourse, I love the pretty flowers :) Welcome to India, CZ !!

  5. Ooh! That is Why..! Excited To Know About Your New Cam! B'ful Pics!
    I Too Wish This Was a Real Bow *_*

  6. Welcome to India dear ! I loved the pretty bottle ... wish the bow was real :)

  7. Sad that the smell is more masculine, but it looks so pretty though..

  8. That looks great! The bottle is so cute :D



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