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Heels & YSL ~ With Love, Mr.CZ......

Presents from the man behind the woman behind this blog. A big THANK YOU to Mr.CZ who spoiled me today, mainly because of this reason
Did I tell you he has excellent taste in shoes? In both men's & women's shoes. That is why it was nice to go to Shoe Heaven with him, so he could help me decide between 2-3 designs. I don't know if it's because he's Virgo, since they are perfectionists & can point out exactly what doesn't 'fit' in a picture. Sometimes he'd criticize exactly what I'm unsure about in an outfit. Seriously, if you don't want sugar-coated opinions, turn to a Virgo. My Virgo girlfriend once told me directly that my pants looked too old and shabby, and that I needed new ones! I laughed hysterically, and then we went shopping. Now that is true 'constructive' criticism.
YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick #19 Fuchsia In Rage ~ I'm obsessed with the other shade Pink In Paris (which I will post swatches of soon), so I have been dreaming about collecting a few more shades. Very excited to test drive this intense purply fuchsia.
As you can see, I went back for the New Look Nude Cut Out Peeptoe Heels that I left behind last time. The same ones that I tried that day were just sitting there waiting for me. I checked online, and all size 3's are gone there as well. Relief = SSB (Super Sensible Buy)
I know this week has been quite shoe-filled, and I have also been working on a lot of things all at once that left me feeling very confused. But next week is tutorial packed, and if I stick to my schedule, a Giveaway will be announced!
Happy Weekend! Last night we watched this supposed horror movie The Last Will And Testament Of Rosalind Leigh, and it was one of the worst we'd ever seen! So slow & boring, and we didn't even understand the end! =[
Tonight's movie will probably be The Dark Knight Rises, and I'll be making some frozen dim sums we got from a Chinese supermarket. I've been missing the Tibetan momos we get in India, so I was pleasantly surprised that the ready-made frozen ones are pretty good.
There I go..... from YSL & Shoe Heaven.... to momos. Chup! Bye bye..... 


  1. i would agree with you about Virgos... my bf is also Virgo and hez the best person to shop with , and he doesn't think twice before criticizing me.. :P
    love and shoes and lippie.. beautiful shade..

  2. That lipstick!! ♥ Momos float my boat too..

  3. am a virgo . . . This is high praise for me. Bt nt gonna show to hubs he gonna bend over laughing. So far away frm wat u have described.

    made my day CZ . . .

    The shoe is awesome

  4. I get it. I'm a Virgo too. I can pinpoint exactly what's out of place in a picture and my sister usually tells me to shut up if no one's asking hahaha

  5. Ah, another small appearance by the mysterious Mr. CZ!

    Excellent photos, as always. Now all that's missing is an OOTD featuring your new shoes and lipstick :)

    1. Thanks Vivienne! Will wear them sometime :)


  6. OMG! I LOVE everyting of this post!! <3

    Natalia xo

  7. lovely pair of shoes and a loving husband.....

  8. Ah, the color is super gorgeous!!!


  9. Me To A Virgo 9 September ..... !! Lovely Colors <3 Shrutika

  10. I loved the lipstick...but more than the lipstick or the shoe, your virgo tip rocks!!! ;)

  11. Oh my god, those shoes! I'm going shopping on Saturday and will definitely be popping into New Look to see if I can spot them! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle


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