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How To Make BIG Shoes FIT!

Hello! =)

Just thought I'd quickly share this post here, since I know some of you also go through this problem.

To read full post, please head over to my Shoe Blog: CZloves HERE


  1. Just wat i wanted to know..thnx :-)

  2. wow u are very innovative
    off to read

  3. What the... the difference is amazing!
    Gonna go check the link out now :)

  4. that was informative CZ, now its easy to get that perfect fit for pumps always...


  5. I feel your pain woman! As a size 3, it's hard.... I know...all too well!
    I do all this too....and drive my husband nuts looking for soles and insoles....and stuffing....

    Have recently started reading your blog... we seem sooo different yet soo alike... The bonding stems from our love for shoes I guess! That's what brought me to your blog in the first place...

    Keep up the good work....



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