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Kiko Milano Brows & Lashes

Been meaning to get more Kiko products after using up their Lip Oil 
and I got these recently.....

Kiko Milano Precision Eyebrow Pencil 03 ~ Love this & so glad it isn't accompanied by a regular spoolie. It comes with the sharpener as well. The pencil has a waxy texture & is thinner than other pencils.
Price: ₹690

Kiko Milano Eyebrow Fibers 04 ~ I like that the little brush doesn't get not too wet & globby (if that's a word), so you can work with it easily.
Price: ₹450? (I think)

Don't ask me why I didn't get same number shades, because I can't recall why. But they still go well together.

Kiko Milano Eyebrow Fibers 04

Kiko Milano Extension Effect Mascara ~ Had high hopes for this. That brush! But Maybelline Colossal Volum is way better for my lashes. The rounded tip is alright for bottom lashes though.
Price: ₹800-900 (MRP is ₹1100)

Loving the brow products, I think they're pretty good cheaper alternatives to some of the Benefit brow products that I just can't keep up with.

But the mascara could've been better.

*They were all at discounted prices when I got them.

Have a good week, everyone!

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  1. I love all your posts... Not into makeup but love to see all pictures and how sweetly you write everything. Today I was just reading the story in the picture... :D Please post the full story..
    Love You

    1. Hi Swasti!
      Thank you for reading & appreciating! :*
      It's a kids' storybook :D
      Love You, too! <3


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