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The MOST BEAUTIFUL Beauty Product I've Ever Seen!


It's so beautiful, I want to cry..... and I want to put it next to my pillow when I sleep!

This is Kiko Milano Lip Oil Waterflower Magic Nourishing Lip Oil, with Cornflower and Pink Helichrysum Petals just floating in it. 

It was my first ever visit to the Kiko Milano store, and I was just gonna browse & see what the brand is all about, but I ended up finding an unforgettable product.

This lip oil is part of the Limited Edition Waterflower Magic Collection, and I wanna go buy 3 more, just so I have some back-ups.

Yes, it is really good too. I use it at night, and wake up with silky smooth & plumper lips.


Price: Rs.1150/-

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