Midnights with CZ | Part-1

My alarm went off, and jerked me out of one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had.

The sleep I was supposed to be having at normal sleeping hours, the sleep

that usually plays hard-to-get, until my 'If I fall asleep now, I'll get this much sleep....'

plummets from hours to mere minutes.

I peeled the duvet off myself, rolled like a wingless bird to the edge of the bed to grab my laptop that's (over)charged on the floor. This part is when I always imagine it slipping from my hand & crashing on the floor, because why not, I kinda deserve to be punished for precariously picking a Macbook like a handkerchief.

In a manner that had become second nature, I opened Zoom, typed the ID & password, 

clipped a plain sheet of paper on the clipboard.

Btw, now I cut an A4 sheet into half, like a proper kanjoos.

But it's not about kanjoosness. 

Who else has been using & wasting so much paper during this pandemic, 

you think you should go feed a tree?

Pencil? Sharpened quickly on the bathroom counter.

Eraser? Couldn't give a fudge about how black & dirty it was. It should clean itself.

Water Bottle? I ran to the bedroom to fetch it.

My other alarm went off - means 2 minutes before the class starts.

I called out to my kid, who’s downstairs finishing up with brushing his 

teeth & washing his face. I heard him rush upstairs, like a good boy.

"Coming!", he called out excitedly.

He propped himself on the chair in front of the laptop.

I told him NOT to sit with his legs wide apart. Bad Manners!


I clicked 'Join'.

We waited to be logged in by the class teacher.

5 minutes passed.....

(She's probably having network issues.)

9 minutes passed..... 

(Maybe she's not being notified. A Zoom bug.)

I sent her a message, saying we’re trying to log in.

“We have Dussehra break from today till Sunday.”, she replied.


Featured a few of of my beloveds:

L'Oreal Cherry My Cheri Eyeshadow Mega Palette ~ IN LOVE! 💋
Blurred product removed, because it caused eye infection. 
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion ~ Glow with a simple product.
Innisfree Green Tea Mist Micro ~ This is the fog mist version. Almost addicted to it.
Colourpop Brushes ~ Ultimate Brush Roll edition.
Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Perfume
Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes, Rose ~ Not in the picture. It's shown on the 
sidebar there - Product Of The Month.

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell ~ A well-written suspense thriller. 
Most importantly, the book that inspired me to compulsively read & write again.

Speaking of writing again, another excerpt from the story I'm writing.......
(For those on Instagram who'd been waiting for more - If I'm taking longer, it's because 
my 4 fictitious characters are as fickle-minded as I am.)

Every Friday at 00:00 IST
(Yes, I'm an hour today. Photo editing!)

Happy Weekend, everyone! 


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