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Pimples? Then You NEED This Product!

How many social events did you have to attend with a massive cystic pimple, that you can't conceal? 
Maybe it's too painful, maybe it's too big, maybe you don't want to antagonize the little b*tch more with makeup.......

One time, in Dundee, before heading out, I thought about putting a piece of cotton & then a band-aid on top of one gross cystic pimple I had. I can't recall whether I really did it, though. Knowing me, I probably did not have band-aid.

You even dread people staring at it, because they say pimples/sty get bigger/worst.

Worry no more. Now we have the answer to all that: COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch.

It will protect, peel & heal those damn pimples in no time!

The patches, that look like glue drops, are fantastic & really work. The also come in 3 sizes.


Right after that little pimple in previous picture, I got another BIG, very painful pimple - Thanks to Nivea Milk Delights Face Wash.......

My chin looks very dry, coz I clicked this photo right after I washed my face & I hadn't applied anything. Plus, I didn't mess around my chin much. It was that painful.

The Cosrx patch did take out this one too. after a few patches.
You can also see the previous pimple above was almost gone.

Must. MUST. Have.

Price ~ Rs.264 (approx)

I got them from Yes Style. They ship to India.

You might also find them from Indian websites that sell K-beauty products. Google!

P.S: I said that I wished for a pimple in this post. I got many after that. So, it's true.... 
Be careful what you wish for.

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  1. Thank you,.. I need this,.. I'm checking in Yes Style :)


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