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Favourite Shoes & TV Shows

Just a light-hearted post is for everyone who wants to know what tv shows I'm watching these days. But let's mix it up with my favorite things & props.

All are either on Netflix, Prime or Hotstar. I'll mark the ones I'm hooked to with a ☆


✩ Fleabag ~ This is the funniest show I've ever watched! It's a British drama-comedy
I've only watched 5 episodes so far, and I laugh out loud every time. Watch it, ladies.

☆ Big Little Lies ~ Season 2 is a bit dullsville till now, hope it gets better.

Divorce ~ Just started watching. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

Stranger Things ~ Currently on Season 2


Mirzapur ~ Like Sacred Games, even more violence.

Hostages ~ A female doctor & her family are held hostage in their home, because they want her to kill someone she's gonna operate on.

Delhi Crime ~ Based on the Nirbhaya case.

☆ Criminal Justice ~ Murder suspense till the end.

☆ Four More Shots Please ~ India's SATC.

☆ Made In Heaven ~ Wedding planners uncover the secrets behind a big fat Indian wedding.


The Neighbors ~ A Dutch series, with a Desperate Housewives vibe. Also, swinging.

Baby ~  Italian teen drama.

About the Shoes....

Brand: Shuz Touch

Price: Rs.1048 (After discount)

From: Myntra. Link HERE

I got this pair because I liked the ones I wore on my birthday - posted HERE

Hope you're all doing good. 
I was a lil' unwell the last 2 weeks, but now I'm alright.

See you again shortly, in a post where I answer WEIRD questions from Instagram ;p

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  1. I highly recommend Fauda. It's an Israeli show but it's so gripping that you don't mind reading the subtitles.

  2. Hi CZ, its nice to get so many recommendations, I have actually not seen any of these though they are popular. I recommend 'The Boys' on Prime and 'Typewriter' on Netflix.

    1. Hi, thanks for recommendations. I'd seen Typewriter on the main page and it did look interesting...will watch it sometime soon. The Boys, I didn't like :\



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