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38 Years Old, A Romance Novel Life & Unending Shopping Addiction

Life's been more exciting than any vacation I've ever been on. 
Not necessarily good or perfect, and I fall down a lot, but when I'm up & my antennas aren't disrupted (and I dress up a bit), it's something else.

Hot & intense, unpredictable & 'Romance Novel-esque' ;)
(This is gonna prick some people..... *ahem*)

It's true what they say, life really does begin in your late 30's, because that's when you know, without a shadow of a doubt, who you really are & who/what you WANT.

These days, my soul screams for the things it craves at 3:55 am

Either that, or Ziizayne has kicked me in his sleep again.

As some of you know, my birthday happened too soon again, and I am officially 38 years old now.
  I know I'm 3 weeks late with my mandatory birthday post & it's been sitting idly in my drafts since.

So, for all of you waiting to see a Birthday Haul....

Aside from my entire outfit here, I collected some things before my birthday:

ZARA Textured Sweater

ZARA Forget Me Not Perfume

ZARA Rhinestone Hair Clips

H&M White Lace Trainers (also available in black)

Raw Hide Nude Sandals : These are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn! 
I got them from Venus Steps. Also available at Lifestyle Stores.

Colorbar Nail Lacquers: 
Marshmallow (mint), Dawn (pastel yellow), Sing a' Pink & Evanna (Pinks)
Pinks shown here  & other shades here

Kiko Milano: 
Hydro Pro Glow Moisturizer ~ Brightening cream with hyaluronic acid.
Waterflower Magic Nourishing Lip Oil. I talked about it here
Waterflower Magic Blush in 03 Pink Shiver.

MAC Studio Fix Powder NC 25

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Scattered Petals
Shown here

Forever New 3-piece Earrings Set.

I picked up that withered jasmine flower from the ground at Zii's school. To smell it.

ZARA Forget Me Not Perfume ~ I LOVE IT! 

Wearing the Zara top here. Pic captured by Ziizayne

Birthday Outfit:

Top: Forever New, from Vintage Soiree Collection.

Bermuda Skort: ZARA. 
(I wanted to wear a pastel blue something that I couldn't find.)

Bag: Forever New Lila Circle Bag (isn't it too cute?)

Shoes: Shuz Touch (Size 33, from Myntra)

Earrings & Necklace: Forever New

No cherry in my Cosmopolitan

Because her SOUL is made of WILDFLOWERS.....

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  1. I have always loved your cute style and photography edits. I missed your posts.. then adulting happened.. i forgot about blogging world for sometime.. and then saw your instagram account name in suggestions.. I am glad I found you :)

  2. The H&M White Lace Trainers are very nice,...


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