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My Casual Black Tights For Winter

Remember in Sex And The City when Carrie ran out of ideas, and thought about writing about her sock drawer - "Men as socks"?

Well... me, I would've thought about my tights drawer - "Men as tights"

Like her, I don't know where I'd go with that.
(...and I'm afraid the one-liner in my head right now sounds kinda sexist.)

If you're interested to peek into a corner of said tights drawer, then here are my casual/everyday black tights this winter:

1. Velvet Plush Black Tights, Primark ~ Before leaving UK, I made it a point to get these. They're the warmest tights out there, and obviously quite thick.

2. Woolen Semi-Sheer Black Tights, Forever New ~ Semi-sheer with a cable knit type of pattern. Kind of an itchy material this, but they're warm.

3. Shimmery Tights, H&M ~ If disco pants look hideous on you, then shimmery tights could be an alternative =D

4. Sheer Polka Dot Black Tights, H&M ~  My moderately "dressy"-slash-casual tights. Every girl should own a pair of polka-dotted tights, I think :)

5. Fleece-Lined Black Tights, Primark ~ These are the best for any kind of winter, since you can wear them under jeans as well + they double up as socks.

6. 40 Denier Tights, H&M ~ Must-have tights for me. They're plain, between opaque & sheer, and go with everything. These came in a pack of 2.


Couldn't post for 2 days, because I'm out of town & busy.
Will make up that. 

Speak again shortly.

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