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Cute Toddler Things

The first time Ziizayne asked me to buy this panda set at a store, I told him they're all broken & I'd search online instead. To him, this "ONLINE" is a magical place.
To me, it's where the discounts are (read: Firstcry)

Skip Hop Panda Plate, Bowl, Spoon & Fork Set 
(Don't you just LOVE Skip Hop stuff? So many animals to choose from!)

Mothercare Car Embossed Sweater

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Volkswagen Beetle Checkmate Pawn.

If you're interested in the sweet props ~ Alpenliebe Strawberry & Soulfull Multigrain Loopies... and another Hot Wheels car just like that 😋

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Volkswagen Beetle Checkmate Pawn

Bought this for myself, because he didn't want to buy it (twice!) But now he wants it.
I gave it to him - in exchange for a Hot Wheels Minion Car ;p

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

*This is a scheduled post, as I'm travelling today. 
Speak again on Monday.*


  1. I am loving this. New post every day :)

  2. Good to see you're back to your fun posts :) tis been a while since I've been back here. i hope Z and you are good <3. Love always - V


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