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Gingham Pants & Favorite Sunglasses {OOTD}

I took these pants into the trial room with me, fully prepared to see they'd look totally hideous on me - like most woven & non-stretchy pants. You don't know how many cute floral woven pants I've had to walk away from, because they just never sit well - there's always a disagreement between the waist, thigh, crotch & behind areas. I'd always try 25 & 26 - and I mean 3-5 times each. By the time I left the trial rooms, I used to feel like fainting! 

But these! The specs are just perfect + the flare & slits at the bottom make them heels-friendly, and the zipper & bow at the waist!
 Next summer, I'm buying floral fabric & taking it to a tailor along with these pants. Cut & make egg-jackly like them, I'll tell him.

Pants: Zara. Mine is size XS.

Top: BSC (nightwear actually, which came with matching shorts)

Shoes: ZARA

Bag: Floozie

Sunglasses: Opium. Newly-discovered brand, and I'm loving their collection! 
Hip designs, and very reasonably priced! These were love at first sight, 
mainly coz of the gold detailing (Got mine from Lifestyle.)

Cap: Forever New

Choker: H&M

Lipstick: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Ole Flamingo

In case you didn't know, ZARA India now has an online store! Best news of October for me =D

The pants are still available HERE

I also found similar ones in Koovs HERE

Thanks for stopping by everyone! :*

I'm currently contemplating starting a new tv series.
Either Riverdale or This Is Us.

....and getting my first tattoo! ;)


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