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NEW! Maybelline Master Flush Creator

I was a bit skeptical about these when I bought them without sampling first, as there were no testers. They hadn't even hit the shelves yet, I saw a box of newly-launched Maybelline products on the floor at New U.... and I sat on my ankles....and then nobody could stop me!!!

Do they look familiar?

MAC Blush Ombre!

About Maybelline Master Flush Creator

A two-tone blush for a gradation flushed look. Pick up color in one swipe, fit brush to cheek curve and apply gradation color in one stroke.

There are 4 shades, and I picked up 2:

Next To Nude ~ My favorite! It's like having my most favorite MAC Cream Soda (Archies Girl Collection) & Benefit Coralista in one pan.

Tickled Pink ~ This pink is like a combination of MAC Pink SwoonNARS Angelika.

MAC Blush Ombre Ripe Peach (a cult favorite) & Kindergarten Red 

Gosh! I am seeing how similar they look only now at this moment! I wanted to compare the textures and feel of the powders, but I don't know where these are atm. You can have a look at them  with the MAC Toledo Collection HERE

Next To Nude

Tickled Pink

Swatches (deep-light side): Next To Nude, Tickled Pink

Swatches: Next To Nude (bottom), Tickled Pink (top)

I've used both, and:

- the texture is very soft & velvety. 
(but be gentle with your brush, coz they are that soft.)

- they are pigmented, and easy to blend.

- they do have fine shimmer, which shows up subtly on the cheeks.

- packaging is very high street. Mirror included on the lid.

Overall, I'm very impressed with these! I think I'm gonna alternate between these two all winter.

Price: Rs.850, each.

The makeup bags in the first pic I got for free! =D

(because I always ask for free gift when I buy more than one product.)

In case you want more, you can check out my Favorite Blushes HERE

Speak again soon!


  1. Th packaging reminds me NYX Illuminator,.. I will check Next To Nude shade,.. thank you

  2. I have to get them. It has been long that any makeup product have attracted me this much. Thanks for the info. Please post more. We miss you 😘

  3. wow great info, thanks as always :)


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