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Makeup Haul: Smashbox, Lakmé, Maybelline

You know that feeling when you buy a new shampoo & matching conditioner, and you just can't wait to try them out? You even oil your hair prior to washing, in the hope that the possible hair transformation will be.....mind-blowing! You start out with the doesn't think: 'Oh, it's because of the oil.', so you squeeze out some more shampoo....and work it into your hair - more vigorously this time....still doesn't lather.... then you instinctively look at the bottle... it's conditioner! You'd mistakenly bought 2 conditioners! 
Yes, people. Thankfully, the other conditioner is a 75 ml one. I thought I bought a big shampoo and a small conditioner. Okay, enough about that. I'm over it. Or I'm just distracted with other things......

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water ~ Silicone-free + Alcohol-free + Oil-free. You can use this before makeup to prime skin & also afterwards to set your makeup. Been craving it for a while now, so I practically ran to Sephora specially for it ;p
Price: Rs.2900

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Girl Gang (Plum) ~ This color! 
Price: Rs.1850

Lakmé x Masaba Lip Pouts in 3 shades: Bubble Pink (blue), 
Caramel Toffee (yellow) & Cherry Bite (red). 
I have to admit, I got these for the packaging.
Price: Rs.750 each

Lakmé Absolute Shine Line Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Price: Rs.375

Maybelline Superstay 3D Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat ~ I asked the SA
Price: Rs.350

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ~ Repurchase. My shade is Sand Sable #20.
Price: Rs.500

Gonna be swatching the Lakmé Lip Pouts & I'll surely let you know if  Smashbox Primer Water is worth buying.

Have a great weekend, everyone! =)


  1. Love all these! ♥

    Have a great Sunday!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  2. This happens to me sometimes when I mistakenly apply conditioner and it doesn't lather which keeps me wondering what's wrong. Nice haul :)

  3. hehe... i have done the same (conditioner story) with me several times... lol.... hahaha and exactly one big bottle (thinking it was the shampoo)... and so called actual conditioner in 75ml... lol


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