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Shoe Pom Poms

Question: Have you ever hidden a clothing item (etc) when you're not sure whether you want to buy it or not, because you think you'll leave the store and go around the mall, and if in case you want it later, you'd just come back for it and it wouldn't be sold out (esp if it's the last piece/size)? You tuck it between a pile of jeans (I did this with a pair of shorts at Zara once), or you simply hide it in another corner rack? So nobody sees it!

Okay, either you do it too, or I taught you a new...umm....trick.

So, saw these shoe pom poms at H&M.
Pink & grey color. They had just been launched, so there were a bunch of them.
I was like:
'Do I want them? Do I even have the kind of shoes I can clip them on? 
Nah...I'll buy and then I won't use them (just like those other 3-4 handbag poms poms I have.)

About 3 weeks later....

Saw the pom poms again. 
Only 2 pairs of pink ones left this time. 
MUST buy them now!
Why did people buy all the grey ones??? 
Were they more appealing? Tch, I wish I can see them again.
I tossed the pink ones in my shopping bag.
I went over to the headbands rack, and decided to get one.
I have a habit of looking at ALL the new pieces to see which is the best piece. 
Best of the best ONLY!
Huh? Whats this different thing behind?
What are the odds?!
I must have magical powers, or something.
Ohhh....maybe someone hid them here. Ya, possibly.
Do I want them? 
No, I should just leave them.
The other girl might come back for them (they a-l-w-a-y-s do if they care enough to hide it!)
Okay. Put them back where you found them. 
Re-hide them.
Walk away now. 
Good girl.




As if.

Come to Mama!


I mean, finders keepers.

Since I don't have shoes that'd go well with these, I clipped them on this silver Claire's hairband.
Forever 21 tells me pom pom hairbands are also IN these days.

Price: Rs.399 for a pair
From: H&M

Happy Friday, everyone! ;)


  1. A month back, I saw a super cute cartoon key chain in H&M. Since I was shopping in the last week of the month, even a candy felt pricey. My main agenda that day was to get a dress for an event. I had to be strong. So, I lifted a makeup pouch kept at a table there, pretended to inspect it, slowly opened the chain with a thumping heart and kept that key chain inside it, placed it at the bottom making sure no one suspected me as a shoplifter. *Evanesco*

    I rescued it later by the end of the day :)

    Now, I want those pink pom poms! Dyinggggg *_*

  2. Yes! Yes! I have hidden tons of stuff to come back and pick them later. You crack me up! :D I have a love/hate feeling with Pom-Poms bcz they're just everywhere.

    1. I know what you mean! Earrings & chokers too now ;p


  3. Omg.. These are the cutest things ever ❤ well I have hidden a handbag I loved at rhysetta during the sale n I his it in the lowest rack where no would bend.. Hahaa coz we are evil like that ��

    1. Hahaha! "Where no one would bend" LOL.... can't stop laughing =D


  4. Cutest blog i have ever came across

  5. Cutest blog i have ever came across

  6. The pom poms on the shoes are definitely super cute :)


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