It's Skin ~ Now In India

Remember when the brand Lush pulled out of India? Honestly, I'd never been that big a fan of the brand, but a whole lot of bath bomb addicts were crushed!

The other brand that has become elusive in India is Bourjois. I just don't know where it went! And you guys know it's my favorite! 

So now, I've taken it upon myself to support all the new brands that are testing the waters here in India. Especially Asian/Korean brands that I'm all about lately (skincare), in the hope that many others will see we are very happening & India is the place to be =D

Etude House, Missha, Laneige, Tony Moly...  Are you listening??!!

Back in May, when I'd dropped by New U to get a new tube of mascara, I saw a new counter- It's Skin. I got acquainted with this brand on Ebay when I was browsing Korean skincare stuff, and I only bought an eyebrow gel mascara before. That day I went crazy! I couldn't even. 
14 types of serums to pick from, for starters.

So  here are all the products I've got and been using so far....

Green Tea Toner (Rs.990) ~ Without alcohol. 
I love that it has cucumber & litchi extracts too.

Power 10 Formula Serum (Rs.950 each)
WH Effector Whitening with Arbutin, 
WR Effector Anti-aging with Adenosine, Caviar & Mistletoe extract
VC Effector Brightening with Vitamin C derivatives
VE Effector Glow with Vitanin E dirivatives
PO Effector  Pore Tightening with Houttuynia Cordata extract

Aloe Soothing Gel (Rs.860) ~ With 92% Aloe Vera

Avocado Sheet Mask ((Rs.100) ~ Yet to use it.

Mangowhite Cleansing Foam  (forgot the price. I think Rs.550)~ It has exfoliating granules in it. 
This range has a peeling gel as well, but it's out of stock.

Clinical Solution AC Spot Balm (Rs.1200) ~ A white matte balm for pimples 
and other spots.

Collagen Nutrition Eye Cream (Rs.850)  
I forgot to include it in the pic, so I inserting its solo pic in there ;p 

Out of the Power 10 Serums, I really like the Anti-aging & Brightening.  
The Vitamin E one would suit dry skin more. 
The Pore Tightening one I've hardly used because I saw no difference. 

Aloe Soothing Gel ~ LOVE! It's even got little chunks of aloe vera in it.

Mango white Cleansing Foam - LOVE!

AC Spot Balm ~ WOW! It really makes spots disappear! 
I have not tried it on a proper pimple though.

Green Tea Toner ~ I've only used it  for 3-4 days, and I think I like it.

It's Skin is available at New U stores. 
Online, they only sell sheet masks currently. You can check them out here


  1. Heading to New U store right away :)

  2. Za also pulled out of India within a year, I miss it :(

  3. Avocado Sheet Mask looks interesting,.. I also need to check some more masks,..

  4. The collection of serums look delightful! I'd love to try them out :)

  5. Vichy also bade us a good bye... So sad!

  6. Vichy too bade us a good bye! What a loss!


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