Colorbar Flash Dry Nail Lacquer 216 Beautiful Pink (Rs.250)

Colorbar Arteffects Nail Lacquer 10 retro Silver (Rs.325)

Colorbar Matte Nail Lacquer 6 Green Haze (Rs.325)

Teddy Mat ~ Robinson's, Bangkok.

Sandals ~ Heatwave, Indonesia.


Have a bear-y nice Friday, all! =)

* I see now that I should've placed all the nail polishes like  /   /   / above the teddy's eyes, instead of this haphazard way. Yes, it's bothering me greatly right now. Yes, there's a lesson in this little footnote for all of us. *


  1. Hey Cynthia! I have been reading your blog since you posted the vaseline body lotion review☺☺ I missed you like an elder sister. The time you were MIA I had a baby myself. Glad you are back. Love to Ziizayne❤❤

    1. Hey Sakshi! That's so sweet, I've missed readers like you too! CONGRATS on your baby, kisses to him/her :*


    2. It's a girl. Yayyy. I think you are getting young everyday! I used to check your blog for everything I thought of buying. Good to have you back.. xoxo

  2. Nail polish shades are very nice,..


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