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Product Of The Week ~ Innisfree Apple Seed Cleansing Oil Balm

The answer is YES.

We now a product just like the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, which is very pricey! (Rs.2900?)

If you're like me, and always have a hard trying to decide whether to carry a big bottle of Cleansing Oil or not every time you travel (of course you also misplaced so many of those tiny travel-sized bottles that'd come in real handy!), then you need a cleansing oil that comes in a small container! =)

Because its a Korean product, I couldn't find a really good description of it online, so I'll just put the common one I found :

 ~ Steam method moisturizing ingredient opens pores to cleanse impurities inside pores.

~ Helps to have moisturizing cleansing that won’t be dry after cleansing.

~ Washable type that you can cleanse with water.

~ Refreshing apple fragrance.

~ Help to have moisturizing cleansing that won’t be dry after cleansing.

~Washable type that you can cleanse with water.

Basically, once you spread this on your fingers, it melts into oil which thoroughly removes makeup
and then you can rinse it all off with water.

I am in love with it! 

I appreciate it an extra bit more because it removes waterproof mascara really well - 
even better than some of my cleansing oils.

Will surely be buying it again, although I don't think that'll happen anytime soon, coz this tub will last  a loooong time, which makes it worth its price tag!

Price: Rs.950 for 80 ml

My Rating: 


P.S. ".....leave skin looking clean & clear like a freshly washed apple" hahaha....


  1. I'm a big fan of their Apple juicy cleansing oil. When I got to know it was being discontinued, I went ahead and purchased 3 bottles of it (the most they had). It has made me say goodbye to MAC cleansing oil. I also used it as a face wash most of the times in winter.

    But this cleansing balm sounds much better as a travel-friendly option. Definitely getting this next. Oops, almost forgot! It's so good to see you back here ^_^

    1. :O Wow that's a lot of backups haha! Well, now there's a better alternative.

      Thanks Heena, feels good to be back :D


  2. I need to check this cleansing oil balm,.. Thank you for letting me know about this,.. Removing the waterproof mascara is always a pain, :)

  3. Sounds like a refreshing cleansing balm. Korean skincare products are just too good!

  4. I haven't really ventured into korean makeup yet. I like that this is washable and I'd think it would great as part 1 of 2 step cleansing system.

  5. Where did you get this?


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