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OOTD: Dungarees + Summer Beauty Picks

Hi, Hi! =) 

Dungarees are back! I couldn't be more stoked, because I have this odd obsession with overall(s)-type things. To put it simply, I like suspenders. I like them a little too much.

When I become CEO someday, I'll make suspenders part of my office's uniform....we'll have, like, this retro 'Mad Men' kind of vibe. I'll wear them over a white ruffle shirt and a black pencil skirt...and black pumps...maybe cat eye glasses for that "pro look"....I'll sit with my legs on the table - more in a casual laid-back way than a  b**** boss way - and my assistant who's wearing a cabbie hat will barge in and announce, "Forbes. They want us on the cover of their May issue! They said it's very important we bring our own suspenders to the shoot next Saturday."

Can you believe those shoes are from the kids' section? ;p 
(Laser cut, scalloped edges, a bit of a heel & bows...Love!)

A few of my summer beauty favorites right now:

On my lips: Maybelline Lip Gradation Coral1
Favorite Summer Scent: Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! Sunsheer EDP
On My Nails: L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Color in Walk On The Beach. Some would say the color looks like sand, I'd say Bailey's =D 
Foundation I'm Wearing & Loving: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in #128 Warm Nude. This shade so perfect for my skin tone.

When you believe you can fly.....

Dungarees: Vero Moda
Top: H&M (Coachella Collection)
Shoes: From the kids' section from a store called Paul's Shoes. I also got them in black.
Sunglasses: So old I can't remember.

If you want a video....
A video posted by Cynthia Zacharica (@czloves) on

Press Play 

That's all for today. Stay tuned for my next post about a beauty haul! ;)

Before I go, I feel I need to share a life lesson with you:

Weekend before last, gone to stay at in-laws on Saturday night.
Came back Sunday a flood in the house!
Water, water e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!
Oh, the horror!
The dishwasher pipe had come off & the water was just shooting out like cray.
Thankfully, we'd reached home just when it was making its way into the bedrooms - with laminate wooden flooring. Half my dressing room floor is now loose and creaky! =\

Moral: ALWAYS turn off all faucets if going away for a long period of time.


  1. hahaha.. I have been laughing laughing and laughing... You have an awesome way of writing, Cynthia!! ........ "I'll make suspenders part of my office's uniform...........bring our own suspenders to the shoot".......... LOL!! Too good..Do invite me to that photoshoot, please!! ;)

    Andddd you look super hot!! new momma?? you?? really?? :-o where did all the pregnancy fat go?? :-D

    I'm loving the dungaree... :)

  2. In love with your balcony shots !!

  3. I too get shoes from Kids section most of the times,.. :)

  4. Oh, love those overalls! Your balcony is absolutely amazing btw.

    According to Mimi

  5. Cz you look so cute. No will be able to tell that you are a mom.

  6. Cz you look so cute. No will be able to tell that you are a mom.

  7. Love your picks. And the photographs, they look like you are having a ball.

  8. so pretty! you wear everything so well :) girly chic

  9. so so beautiful....


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