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Nail Polish Of The Week

Tell me, have you ever taken the time to correct a sales person's pronunciation?

Not Bow-doy. It's Boo-dwah.

Not Bow-joice. It's Boorj-wah 
(Bourjois - Every.time!)

No? Me neither! I think it's quite offensive when it's not a friend, family or anyone you know closely. Don't you think? 

This nail polish! <3 p="">

Pink with a mauve undertone. Perfect for everyday. 2 coats. Applies smoothly, dries quickly.

Nail Polish ~ L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Vernis in Boudoir Rose
Price ~ Rs.250

Oh, and it's a new wedding ring, coz the old one didn't fit anymore since pregnancy... haha =D

Welcome to my version of Microblogging! =)



  1. I really love micro blogging. It's an art. And yes I want that shade like right now :D

  2. I have this one too and its definitely a lovely shade. A big con is that it dries up faster than all of my nail polishes & its a pricey one.

  3. Same here. Unless a person is close I dont bother correcting them, it's rude na. Love microblogging. Heck!! I am love with what you write <3

  4. I love your version of micro-blogging! Quite interesting :)
    And honestly, my eyes were on your new ring only. I hardly noticed the paint ;) though the post was all about paint.

  5. I love L'Oreal nail polishes, especially the concept of having a built-in top coat! So fuss free :D Check out Beige Boheme too, it's a truly sophisticated neutral.

    Microblogging yay!

  6. Awesome shade,.. but your wedding ring is making me look over the pics again and again,.. :) Lovely,..

  7. I have the same shade but it starts chipping from the 2nd day and with a good top coat it starts chipping on the 3rd day :( love the shade a lot and your ring looks pretty

  8. Super cute nails. Love them totally! I think I know a dupe of this from Streetwear in the shade Rocker Chic :)

  9. The shade looks so pretty and it suits your fingers so well..

  10. The shade is so damn cute. Very very pretty.

  11. Such a lovely ring, hardly noticed the nail paint :P

  12. Such a lovely ring, hardly noticed the nail paint :P


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