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Hello, all! Hope you're having a good week. I've been busy apartment-hunting for a while, and we finalized on one today. So relieved, and you know what I learned? I mean I've always known it, but now I know without a shadow of a doubt! 

When people say: "It's not about the money."

Translation: "It is about the money. Maybe we don't know it yet.
It's a-lll-w-a-y-s about the money. Wake up, silly woman! Stop wondering how MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande Lipstick would look on you!"

Okay. So I've been using some amazing products for the past month, so wanted to share with y'all: 

L'Oreal Extraordinary Skin Boosting Oil: Favoritest, this! Best not-so-pricey premium facial oil in the Indian market right now, which also smells the best. By that, I mean it doesn't have a strong scent. Clarins Facial Oil & The Body Shop Oils Of Life have a similar strong scent, and they are super duper pricey. Hi, The Body Shop, Rs.3095? Really?
Formulated with 3 Oils:
Desert nut oil : Deeply nourishes
Geranium essential oil : Replumps skin layer by layer
Rosa canina fruit oil : Illuminates the skin 
 Will do a detailed post on this.
Price: Rs.1550  from Lifestyle

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream : OH-EM-GEE! I'm so mad at myself for not trying this sooner. The back of my right hand was damaged until this came along. I will post before & after pictures in a separate post.
Price: Rs.300 from local supermarket

Dove Moisture Go Fresh Beauty Cream Bar with Green Tea & Cucumber Scent ~ Hello, simple soap! I started using this only because I ran out of face wash, and was surprised by how gentle and non-drying it is. Recently, I was doing research (ya, let's call it that) on anti-ageing facial cleansers, and I stumbled on an article on Oprah, where they said that expensive anti-ageing face washes are a waste of money, because they don't stay on your skin long enough to do anything. Don't you think that makes total sense? I think this is where I'll be saving my monies ;D
Price: Rs.46 from local supermarket

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm ~  It's a pinky beige that's become one of my favorite nude lippies. Swatches to come.
Price: Rs.710 from Sephora

Maybelline Lip Gradation in Coral1 ~ This color! So bright, so pigmented! The finish is creamy to matte, so dry chapped lips will need extra work before application. Will wear this in a look sometime.
Price: Rs.500 from Lifestyle

Ardell Luckies False Lashes ~ Looking for falsies that aren't too long, that look like mascara-ed lashes? These are them.
Price: Rs.375 from Jabong

Any special products you'd like to share with the rest of us?

Enjoy your Friday!

See you again soon :*


  1. Yay for the post :) I have tried Dove body wash and body lotion from Green Tea & Cucumber Scent , and I love its scent. I stumbled upon Miss clair matte lips cream a week ago I am loving it a lot along with the Sugar matte lipcrayon :)

  2. i think i should try Loreal oil then, will it work for oily to acne prone skin?

  3. I love NYX matte lip creams!! The texture is amazing.

  4. I saw the extraordinary oil on Nykaa but was not sure about it.. Now I can peacefully buy it haha

  5. Lovely list. I was planning to buy L'oreal oil, but ended up buying Oils of Life by TBS
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  6. Great list! Waiting for the L'Oreal facial oil review... I was thinking to get TBS one.. But your post saved my few thousand bucks :D

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  7. L'Oreal facial oil and Maybelline Lip Gradation is a hit for me. Love it's creamy formula that settles into a deep matte.

  8. i love your favorite list. missing your posts, sweety. :)

  9. The Oils of Life ingredients aren't even that special ! This L'Oreal one seems like a good dupe because it is also made from 3 oils..also, you wash your face with the dove bar ? :O It must be really gentle then...
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  10. From your instagram clipping , the NYX favorite lip cream was understood.. I would love to see your before & after pictures for the Neutrogena Hand cream.

  11. I have the L'Oreal Boosting Oil and I just reviewed it. Anyone who's thinking of getting it, GO GET IT! It's absolutely amaaaaaaaaaaaay-zing!! ^_^
    The Norwegian Formula Hand Cream is also worth indulging in, it takes care of dryness so effectively. It has become a staple for me :)

    Loved your list!

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  13. I love the Neutrogena hand cream too. It really softens the skin well.

  14. The L'Oreal Facial Oil looks interesting..

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  15. Hey cz.. can u brief a bit on how u use the loreal extraordinary boosting oil.. can the same be used in the day time?


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