I Wanted Everything & I Wanted To Cry

Matte finish white furniture. Almost Vintage/Victorian-looking.

I wanted to cry, because I'd already bought new furniture last year. Glossy finish. These weren't there at that time when I was desperate. I like my dresser, but I would've definitely picked this one over it.

In case you haven't seen my dressing table, you can go HERE

I missed seeing that tray table when I clicked these pics. Totally want it!

Can I have 2 vanities, pretty please? ;p

Sigh, I want that TV unit as well! And....

Okay, I want everything except the bed.

Pics clicked at Lifestyle Home Centre.

 Price range ~ Rs.40K +

Thank You for reading & I see you again soon! =)


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  1. It happened with me too, right after I bought a furniture for my room, new improved pretty piece came to market...

  2. And I found an exact dupe (obviously way cheaper!!) of my super expensive Ikea dresser a month after I bought it. Now I solace myself saying "But I own the original" haha


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