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Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Fairy tale Photos, Swatches

A pink lipstick named 'Fairy tale'
Isn't that lovely?!
You'd think I picked it because of the name, but no. 
 First, I liked the color - I'm always drawn to this type of pink.
I turned the bottom up, smiled like a weirdo, and said "I'll take this."

OKAY! Maybe the name sold me the lipstick.

(Let's hope Lakmé is reading! ;))

It's not a matte lipstick, for sure. It is somewhere in between creamy & matte. I like it better when I dab it on my lips and blend it with fingers to make it look like an almost opaque stain. And yes, it stains lips. This one looks almost fuchsia after you blot/wipe excess.

The tip of the lipstick- I love! A great shape for easier outlining. Granted the simple sleek silver packaging is boring and overdone, but we can't ever dislike simple, can we? ;)

It is a brighter pink than Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Thrilling Pink, but the finish of both range is quite similar. They even smell the same - that scent I can't quite describe.

I've been wearing this lippie a lot lately. It's one of those pink lipsticks that you can wear anywhere, anytime. Not bold, not pale. I think it would suit a lot of skin tones too.

Usually, I apply it only on the center my my lips & then rub it like a lip balm. Sometimes, my lips look like I'd just eaten cotton candy =D

Price ~ Rs.475

Available in 36 Shades

My Rating:

(Sorry, no Bows this time, coz they are in my other laptop that still needs to be fixed!)

What do you think of this shade?

Okies, Happy Saturday, all! Talk to you again later....
I'm hoping! =)

Now I'm off to the hospital for Ziizayne's 6 month vaccination. Dreading that moment when the doctor pokes that damn needle, and my baby SCREAMS! >.<


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  1. I Bought This Lippie Last Year and 'm Still Obsessed With It!
    Like You Said, It's a Very Wearable Pink. I Love Wearing It Blotted.
    Super Pretty Pics :)

  2. I always love your photos
    Great post!
    I would really love for you to check out my latest post:
    Kaiyo Aino Blog

  3. Pretty pics. I love that bullet shape, I find it its a lovely shade...

  4. Lovely pictures! Very much my type of pink too! <3

  5. Gorgeous color CZ ! Didn't know this range is available in stores.
    XX | My Recent Post

  6. These pictures are so gorgeous, I love the colour of this lipstick! :)

    xx Aditi
    Diary of a Cusp

  7. Grgs shade r awesome
    I would love to buy..great review

  8. Grgs shade r awesome
    I would love to buy..great review

  9. The shade is really gorgeous :)

  10. Love the blog and the swatches! <3

    Following you now, hope you do the same!

  11. I like the shade, got a similar one from Lakme Absolute range :) Bdw how is the staying power of this Colorbar lipstick?

  12. adorei quero testar!


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