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LOTD: MAC Relentlessly Red Retro Matte Lipstick

I was making breakfast one morning.
Eggs, bread, stir-fried mushrooms, chai-style tea (by chai-style, I just mean more milk, 2 types of tea leaves & boiled in a saucepan.)
Multitasked by making 3 of them at once on our 3 burner stove.
Left Burner - Bread (I like to fry it lightly in olive oil & pretend it's homemade garlic bread.)
Middle Burner - Onions, garlic & green chillies (For the mushrooms I'd be adding afterwards.)
Right Burner - The chai-style tea.
Oh, I forgot to mention the eggs were already boiled- not too runny, not too hard. Perfect.
Things were going well. I just had to add the mushrooms & finish making the tea.
I'll be able to sit down, and my son would squeal ecstatically while he watched me eat. That's what he does these days.
Then it happened!
I added the first scoop of tea leaves to the onion/garlic/green chillies pan instead!
I can't even.......
Yes, I chopped & made a fresh batch after the accident, coz the mushrooms weren't added yet.
But still, I haven't forgiven myself. Such an idiot!

Later that same day, I put a big bow on my head to make myself feel better.

And a brand new red lipstick.....

MAC Relentlessly Red from the Retro Matte Collection.

It got this lippie last year, but didn't start wearing it until last month. I'm loving it like all the other Retro Matte Lipsticks I have. At first, I thought it'd be too similar to MAC All Fired Up, but they're completely different.

Price ~ Rs.990 - Rs.1450 (Old price - New price)

MAC Relentlessly Red Retro Matte Lipstick Swatch

My fingers! Don't even.... =D

I'm still not sure which red MAC Retro Matte Lipstick I like the best - Ruby Woo, All Fired Up or Relentlessly Red. I guess if I had to choose.....

NO.....please don't make me!

Thank You all for reading. Sorry for being away for a while. 
When people told me to enjoy my pregnancy time, and relax, because I won't have time anymore after the baby comes, I didn't realize how right they were!

But I'm trying my best now & adjusting to a routine.

Look out for my next post if you have skin concerns - like pigmentation, moles, etc.

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  1. You look cute CZ.Baby CZ is really happy to see his pretty Mom all the time.

  2. You look so pretty. No, no one can choose between lipstick shades, its not right =))

  3. Awww you look so cute! :) And you're so right, a red lipstick is always the way to go! x

  4. Lol CZ, where was your attention? Busy thinking of some MAC/Etude collection I think :P
    Are you wearing falsies ? they look so pretty !
    My Beauty Blog

  5. Aww.. I love the way you write. Been missing your posts. And as usual, I love the red.


  6. Cynthia,, lovely bow and lip colour, you look gorgeous as ever. i love your energy n enthusiasm. now a days its fashionable to keep a battery of maids to do every little work, and a dedicated staff for the newly born a status symbol.. i am amazed to see your commitment , your sense of responsibility , your personal involvement for your family. thses days, new moms are high on maintenance and low in productivity.. at a personal level i cant eat maid ke hath ka khana *puke* it kills my appetite. HIGH REGARDS to you.. love you more <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. What have you named Baby CZ? I am dying to know his name...every time an email update about your new post pops up in my mailbox, I get so excited :)

  8. Love love love the post Cynthia! You look absolutely stunning.


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