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Baby Bather I LOVE!

Hey, Everyone! Hope you're all doing well =)

Since I got several requests from new Mommies to make posts on baby stuff, I decided to post some on this blog.

The first product I'd like to RAVE about is this bathing chair. Really, I don't know what I'd do without it!

The one thing I was very very nervous about was bathing my baby (whose name is Ziizayne, if you missed reading my post on IVC here), especially in a tub or sink - like some people do. Plus, I think they're too hard for babies. Because of this chair, I could bathe him without any help after the 1st month.

The fabric is net, so you can even place the chair in a tub. It can be adjusted into 2 seating positions - higher & lower.

Just to be extra cautious, I place a rubber bathroom mat under it, to prevent it from slipping.

Thoughtful Mr.CZ bought it the day after Ziizayne was born from a kids store called Dezine Kids

Name: Mastela Mother's Touch Baby Bather.

Price:  It was for only Rs.600 from the store. But it costs more online.

In case you're interested, I see it's sold on Amazon & there are other designs too here

I think the other Deluxe styles with a pillow (or head cushion?) is even better.....
Actually, I might get this too! It looks more comfy =)

What do you other Mommies use to bathe your little ones?

Thank You for reading, all! <3

Until next time....


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hey CZ!! Can't RAVE enuf about the baby bather.. Love love love.. Dunno how moms managed without it cos I think its the best thing ever!!! My baby girl loves her bather as much as her mom does.. Lol.. She about three n half mths now.. And I'm so glad my husbands aunt gifted this to us.. She got it from London and it's a brand called Summer.. Its a cute pink polka dots with the head cushion.. <3
    BTW I love ur sons name.. It's very unique.. What does it mean... Ur baby is adorable.. Poochies to him :*

    1. Exactly! Even I really enjoy bath time because of this :D Your pink polka dotted one sounds sooo adorable! Will tell more about the name soon :*


  3. I have the same with head cushion. But it does not make any difference as you just spend few minutes bathing your baby..

  4. I used this for both my babies :) Just love the fact that it is so easy to bathe them on that and also the fact that it is hygienic .I used it till they were around 9 months old.

  5. Oh. Even I was afraid to bathe my baby without this bather. The experience of baby bathing improves a lot with this little things. Baby bathing doesn't remain a task anymore but becomes a pleasure :)

    1. I know Charu, it makes it super easy! :)


  6. Hey, where did you buy baby CZ crib?

  7. It's really a boon for mommies. I first bought it four years ago for my first child and that one came with a harness - a simple belt contraption with a bucle so the baby was fully secure and you had your hand free to reach out for the baby shampoo etc.

    I'm expecting again and now can't find any bather with the harness. Wish I hadn't given the first one away.


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