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Penciled Pink Pout

One day, I wore a deep fuchsia pink dress.
I applied MAC Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick.
Very matchy-matchy!
I love when my lips match my dress or top.
Hubby & I left our hotel room. Yes, this was that time we were on our Babymoon.
We decided to eat lunch first before going shopping.
Chinese. Soupy noodles. Fried Rice. Chilli Chicken.
Waiting-for-the-check time was lipstick touch-up time.
I didn't need a mirror to tell me I had only a fuchsia pink outline on my lips.
I blotted and gently wiped off the edges. 
I reached into my handbag, and.....
Oh My Gah! I'd forgotten to toss MAC Flat Out Fabulous into my handbag!
Not only that, there was absolutely no lip product in my bag.
Not even a lip balm (or a Fox's raspberry candy I could rub my lips with!) It's what usually happens when you change handbags!
I freaked a little.
"It's like an ensemble!", I told hubby who didn't see what the big deal was.
"And I thought you're not supposed to buy any lipsticks.", he added.
"I know, but....this is an exception!"
{Or.... I could leave my lips bare and a lil stained like this???.....
Please, woman! It looks like you have some kind of rash!}
We left the restaurant, went down the escalator.....
and we were standing in front of Colorbar.
I told the SA that I wanted a lippie shade that's exactly like the dress I was wearing.

And that's how I met Colorbar Berry Rose. I christened it then and there, and I headed to Forever 21 with happy lips again =)

Colorbar Definer Lip Liner Berry Rose 004 ~ LOVE it! It glides on smoothly, it's lightweight, it's non-drying even though it's very matte, and fragrance-free too. Ooh...and a sharpener is attached to the cap!

Price ~ Rs.550

Comparison Swatches: MAC Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick, Colorbar Berry Rose Definer Lip Pencil, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Addis Ababa.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous is much more purple & NYX Addis Ababa is pinker.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous swathed here
NYX Addis Ababa swatched here

Btw, the day I was talking about up there. Before we left - wearing MAC Flat Out Fabulous....

I was busy clicking selfies. No wonder I forgot to take my lipstick! More pics on my 2nd blog HERE

In case you're thinking about my Lipstick Buying Ban, well.... you also know I had no choice but to cheat that day. Ensemble. I knew you'd understand ;)

If I weren't on this ban, I'd be buying  all  a few more shades of this lip pencil.

So what do you think of Berry Rose?


  1. I absolutely HATE it when this happens! I don't like my lips bare. It just ain't my thing!

    1. My Lips Are when Bare are A Bit Purplish..or So.i Undrstnd i Hate Bare Lips

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. you look super cute and I loved the way you described on how and why you got the lip pencil.
    As always, perfectly matched to your dress.
    Love the color.
    And you look adorable now <3 the babybump .. this just adding that extra glow to you :)
    Keep these posts coming.


  3. hahaah I can totally understand the situation you were in, happens to me all the time. Days I don't have a lip balm in my bag are the hardest. I recently got Nyx Addis Ababa and I freaking LOVE it, and Sau Paulo too. I think I am going to buy this colorbar lip pencil. You are such an enabler CZ!! :P

    Debasree // All She Needs

  4. Who cares about the lipstick / lip pencil when you write such cute little "stories" and take such wonderful pics :)

    1. Aww...happy u like the stories n pics Dollie :)


  5. Its beautiful ! The shade has so much depth in it! and the lip swatch totally nailed it!

  6. This is such and amazing story CZ... and i love how you attach some stories with your reviews...
    The colour is so beautiful and your pout is definitely oh so cute...

  7. that berry rose is such an awsome shades:)

  8. Cynthia , fuchsia colour looks gorgeous on you. Be it dress or a lip colour.honestly speaking, in regular shopping, I find a lip pencil bit expensive for this price. I would prefer to buy a lipstick instead ! BUT in emergency everything is justified :p

  9. totally irrelevant but can you tell how you get rid of your facial hair :)

  10. That looks drop dead gorgeous on you!

    Do check out and subscribe please!

  11. I Loveed this Color and looks so gorgeous on you :)

  12. very beautiful shade :) you look beautiful

  13. very beautiful shade on your pretty lips...
    loving it

  14. very pretty your pink pout :)


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