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Just Arrived ~ MAC The Simpsons Collection

All the way from USA.

Because....well..... I don't trust MAC India & I didn't want to risk missing out on this CUTE collection =D 

We MAC-holics here are tired of seeing 'SOLD OUT' on LE products most of the time - even on the launch day! Some have come to think that maybe....maybe....they only bring the display of Limited Edition Collections to India just for advertisement. I can't say for sure, coz I haven't been here for some time. Let's see what happens with this collection, shall we? =)

MAC launched The Simpsons Collection online on 28th August '14. I had set a reminder on my phone for D-day

I got a Powder Blush, an Eyeshadow Quad & a Tinted Lipglass. I wanted the False Lashes too, but they weren't available then (or even now, for some reason).

Delivered to India by Aramex, a courier company that ships worldwide.

Pics coming next week! Also, will tell you the main reason why I got this collection ;)

Super excited to click photos of them & I'm so very relieved none of them were broken or damaged.


  1. Pretty collection CZ. I particularly liked the blush.

  2. Are u going to do a simpson's transformation soon !!! bczz the tv character is still left :D

  3. Please let us know how u got it shipped to india...n the blush looks cute, m waiting for the pics:-)

  4. yes please let us know how you got it shipped to india.. i have been trying to place some orders n its not happening

  5. What a lovely packaing they have...i use to love this cartoon:D


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