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MAC The Simpsons Collection Photos & Swatches

I'll admit, I'm not much of a Simpsons fan. I found them cute and all, but I never really watched the series. Then I met someone who's hooked to the show - my Mr.CZ. Boy, is he obsessed! Yes, all the DVDs & figurines in the photos are his. I remember he'd start laughing, and tell me about something funny Homer did/said ("Mmm....bacon.")
Even though I would never skip this collection, I'd say he wanted me have it more than I did. So, in a way, they're for him. Which is weird to say because we are not talking to each other right now.... haha! ;p

Anyways, I'll dedicate this post to him.....and all you other Simpsons fans! Hope you'll like the fun pictures, I really enjoyed clicking them. Cartoon makeup collections are so FUN!  =D
On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, M·A·C honours the one, the only, THE SIMPSONS. We are celebrating the country’s favourite animated family and its beloved matriarch Marge with a vibrant colour collection that screams That Trillion Dollar Look. Our classic formulas and finishes you love are to blue dye for with an animated twist. All in limited-edition packaging that can only be described in one word: Eeeeexcellent. ~ MAC.

MAC The Simpsons That Trillion Dollar Quad Eyeshadow ~ I was really happy to see that the packaging of this is metal, not plastic. The eye shadows are soft, velvety & pigmented. The other quad launched is called Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad, which consists of pink/purple/blue shades.

 Price: $44.00 (Rs.2682)

Lisa's Spikes (Frost) ~ Lime Green
Apple Squishee (Frost) ~ Midtone Kelly Green
2 Dozen And One Greyhounds (Veluxe Pearl) ~ Dirty Olive Green
Chalkboard Dreams (Velvet) ~ Deep Blackened Teal (Written "Teak" on the website, which doesn't make sense.)

MAC That Trillion Dollar Quad Eye Shadow Swatches ~ Lisa's Spikes (Frost), Apple Squishee (Frost), 2 Dozen And One Greyhounds (Veluxe Pearl), Chalkboard Dreams (Velvet) 

MAC The Simpsons Tinted Lipglass Grand Pumpkin ~ Bright Creamy Orange. I got this just as a 'collector's item'. I wish they'd made Lipsticks too! Available in 3 more shades - yellow, fuchsia & violet.

Price: $16.50 (Rs.1006)

Swatch: MAC The Simpsons Lipglass Grand Pumpkin

MAC The Simpsons Powder Blush Sideshow You ~ Light Peach Coral. My Favorite! The color is so pretty! The packaging is a little bigger than the regular MAC blushers, the size is the same as MAC Archie's Girls Beauty Powder.  The other shade launched is Pink Sprinkles (Cute Blue Pink), which is also pretty.

Price: $24.00 (Rs.1463)

With Marge Simpsons' head embossed on it. I don't want to spoil it, but I will want to use it as well!

Swatches: MAC The Simpsons Powder Blush Sideshow You 

I adore everything, from the packaging to the quality of the products. If you had to pick just one thing to buy, definitely don't skip the Blush. Such a shame that the False Lashes weren't in stock when I ordered these. Btw, Nail Stickers are also available.

This collection is Limited Edition. 

It has not been launched in India yet. I have no idea when it'll get here, but I will let you know when I do.

I ordered everything from MAC US Website, which does not ship worldwide. But I got it delivered to Aramex, a courier company that delivers to most countries. For this service, you have to pay a membership fee, I think. And yes, we had to pay Duty too when it reached India.

All these products will cost at least Rs.400 more in India, so altogether I think we paid about Rs.1100 for shipping & duty.

Happy Friday, everyone! Which are your favorites from this collection?

I'm excited to watch the movie Third Person tonight.

My other weekend movie recommendations are: 
What Maisie Knew (More of a Sunday afternoon movie)
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  1. The pics are oh so cute.. I find the palette to be ok ok but I totally loved the blush and the lipglass :)
    As always in love with your pictures :)

  2. You know what grinds my gears, I went to the MAC counter recently and the lady there said it's not coming anytime soon :( The eyeshadows look so fun and quirky, I had seen a swatch of the yellow lip gloss and it looked a bit weird, don't know if I would wear that. My favourites from this collection would be the blushes, they look amazing.

    Debasree // All She Needs

  3. Such a cute collection CZ. I always wonder why companies never launch the best makeup in India first. Anyways one thing I have noticed about Mr.CZ, he just loves collecting memorabilia for his favourite shows. I still remember the glass from game of thrones and now this Simpson collections. In a way you two are perfect for each other. One person loves cute makeup and other person has gaming as lifestyle and passion which is so sweet and cute. So looks like Baby CZ would have best of both world.

  4. The lipglass and blush are super pretty!

  5. I love Your picture :) Blush is so pretty!

  6. ohhh that blush is seriously stunning! and that gloss... I die!


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