Cushioned Thong Sandals

I find closed ballet flats too stuffy now that my feet are a-l-w-a-y-s hot, so I have started wearing these thong sandals. They are really comfortable because of those cushioned circle designs.

I got these from the same store in Lajpat Nagar Market - Stelatoes - for around Rs.795. The same time I got the grey pair shown here. If I remember correctly, they were available in other colors as well.

That's the baby bump. Can't see my feet  anymore =D

Pedicure: The Face Shop PK102 & Maybelline Color Show Brocades Knitted Gold on top

Do you like these types of sandals?

Hope you're all doing good & keeping your feet happy =)

Thank You for reading & will talk again soon!


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  1. oooh i can see your sweet little baby bump :) <3

  2. I got the same grey sandals as urs from there and now I want these too.. Another visit to the store.. ;-)

    Now all u can see is ur baby bump. ... :-* how u managed to plush ur toe nails.. It will be such a task.. :-P.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Cynthia ,I am a miss bigfoot and walk very fast, I never ever buy delicate thong kind of sandals but today I decided against my choice and bought your thong sandals from stelatoes. ^_^ it was my first visit to that shop. There was a human flood at the store !. Since i always buy sturdy sandals and choose quality over design so my sibling immediately guessed my CZlove :D hats off to you for venturing into that shop and lajpat nagar in such a delicate phase of ur life. Your exact design was not available so I bought its varient , same colour n style but with a with a metallic H on it. Its very comfy.i know its has a very short lifespan in my feet but could not resist buying :)


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