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What I Wore, Etc

Hi, Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Thought I'd quickly post some pics from the mini holiday a.k.a. 'Babymoon'. I didn't pack much, so I stuck to 1 bag & 1 pair of shoes.

I'm loving both these dresses, coz I don't look too pregnant in them. But, either way,  my bump doesn't show much in pics, for some reason. I think Baby CZ is camera shy, coz it hid its face even during my last ultrasound =D
Outfit #1:
Zara Dress With Slit Shoulders | Lino Perros Bag | My favorite pregnancy flat shoes (shown here)

Outfit #2:
Vero Moda Ruffle Dress | Same Lino Perros Bag | Same Shoes

L'Opera, Select City Walk

Breakfast desserts

 Ramen Noodles at Yo! China Cafe, DLF Place. They tasted H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E! >.< (I don't know, I never like Yo! China food.)

Virgin Mary at Geoffrey's, Select City Walk. Love this pub! Drinks & food - both good.

Thank You for reading & I'll see you again soon.

Have a great week! =)


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