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Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Perfume

I have a vivid childhood memory. One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was, pluck jasmine flowers whenever I see them. I'm trying to recall from where exactly, but I just can't at the moment. Chances are, my act could have easily been classified as theft or vandalism, and I might have unknowingly made a few jasmine plant owners very very angry. Anyways.... I used to pluck them .... picked the petals, one-by-one .... rolled them between my hands until the white petals became brownish and damp .... shook the poor things off my hands .... and then .... the climactic moment - smelled my hands. Mmm......
Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Perfume smells almost like that, except it's slightly embellished and has more depth. It's not a light & airy floral scent, but at the same time it's not too strong & musky. It's simply feminine ~ like a flowy pastel pink strapless dress with minimal gold accessories.
Now let's talk packaging, as always: It's a simple glass bottle, but the gold cap with metal rivets detailing is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! It's like those plain handbags that somehow always look expensive. The more I look at the bottle, the more I fancy it. Even Michael Kors Nail Polishes have the same packaging. So cute! ♥_♥
About: GLAM JASMINE gives center stage to Kors’ beloved floral note, jasmine, while warm woodsy notes and sparkling citrus are less prominent. The GLAM collection embodies the woman who amplifies her evening with color-concentrated looks in rich, deep hues like plum and berry. The fragrance, like the fashion statement, is overtly feminine, designed for a woman who likes turning heads.
Key Notes: Jasmine, Cassis, Sandalwood.

  50 ml ~ Rs.6350. (This one)
100 ml ~ Rs.8800.

 Michael Kors Fragrance Collection will be available at Michael Kors Boutiques in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkatta from August 2014.

There are 2 more variants:

SPORTY CITRUS is crisp with orange and mandarin at the forefront, while warm woods and white florals linger in the background. Creamy, woodsy notes are the olfactive equivalent of luscious nudes, a famous hallmark color of a Michael Kors look. It communicates the irresistible appeal of the confident, casual woman who puts herself together with a polished ease—and always has fun doing it. Price: INR 6,350/- for 50 ml, INR 8,800/- 3.4 oz / 100 ml.

SEXY AMBER puts the spotlight on sumptuous amber wrapped in sandalwood and musk, against a bright backdrop of dazzling orange, mandarin and white florals. Inspiration was pulled from the bold colors that often highlight a Michael Kors fashion collection. These pops of color in the iconic images of the Michael Kors brand express undeniable pleasure and instant sex appeal. Price: INR 6,350/- for 50 ml, INR 8,800/- 3.4 oz / 100 ml.

I'd really like to sniff SPORTY CITRUS next time!

Have you tried any of these fragrances?

Disclosure: Product is a PR sample.

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  1. Nice bottle CZ!
    I used to be obsessed with roses in my childhood. I used to ask my mother to buy me a rose flower every-time we used to pass by a florist. My mother in frustration planted at least 28 rose plants in all colors in my house and I used to go and sniff the roses and never teared them. When they used to get dry I used those flowers in making greeting cards and bookmarks. I still love roses. I have one perfume with with pure Indian rose oil and one with British rose oil. I love those two perfumes.

    1. nice of your mom to plant roses esp for u :)


  2. SPORTY CITRUS sounds like my scent! The bottle is gorgeous =D

  3. I will surely try this the next time I visit the MK store. such a pretty bottle it is!

  4. Love the fragrance of jasmine flower ..... This perfume is for me ♡ :)

  5. Cynthia , I am a huge fan of floral fragrances.i love perfumes with subtle fragrance and a long sillage. Something that enhances an aura of sophistication. No wonder, Pleasure by Estee lauder is my all time favourite perfume. You can call it my signature perfume.the way you have described glam jasmine " overtly feminine, designed for a woman who likes turning heads. feminine ~ like a flowy pastel pink strapless dress with minimal gold accessories" seems this one is just made for me !! I would love to add it to my collection. May be in October as a birthday gift to myself *_*

    1. Cynthia , I visited MK store @emporio , yesterday. Tested glam jasmine.prima facie its more or less a dupe of Estee lauder pleasures. ^_^

  6. All three fragrances sound very appealing to me. Need to check them out soon. The bottle is lovely...all minimalist chic. And I loved the way your taken the pics <3


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