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MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection Haul, Photos, Swatches

Most times, you go to MAC specially to check out a collection - All the products you want are SOLD OUT!
Sometimes, you walk into MAC without a purpose - You are greeted by a brand new collection you didn't even know had launched, and most products haven't sold out yet!

I fall in the latter category this time. I wasn't going ga-ga over this collection when it came out, and didn't have a wishlist. But when I ran my fingers over the water droplets....well....

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Silver Sun ~ Silver Sun is described as a Mid-tone Dirty Sea Foam Green. I first picked another shade - Sea Worship (tarnished olive), but it was OOS. It's okay thought because even this has a greenish tone.

Price: Rs.1500. I didn't know it costs this much until I'd paid, coz I asked the SA how much, and he said Rs.1200!

MAC Enchanted One Lipstick (Matte) ~ I know, I know, I'm on a Lipstick Ban. BUT I got it for the packaging. C'mon, how often does packaging like this come by?! Described as a Mid-tone Neutral Pink, it looks more peachy nude on my lips. This was the last piece, and I almost picked another shade - Siren Song (Sheer Pale Beige) - just because this was a lil' nipped at the tip and scraped on the sides. Someone must have replaced the cap while the lipstick was still out! But Siren Song is too pale, so I decided to keep this.

Price: Rs.1350.

MAC Enchanted One Lipstick, MAC Silver Sun Extra Dimension Eye Shadow

MAC Enchanted One Lipstick, MAC Silver Sun Extra Dimension Eye Shadow

Did you pick up anything from this collection? If you're planning to, better hurry coz you know how it is in India with these LE MAC collections.

What's Inside The Box will be revealed later today, ladies. Stay Tuned!

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  1. The packaging is so pretty! I thought you might also buy the extra dimension blush!

  2. I really like the shade of the lipstick...any dupe suggestion?

    1. Mac Kinda Sexy is very very similar and also matte like it. The best part....its permanent.

  3. Stunning colours I love MAC
    xx, Causeimmagirl

  4. I am gaga over the packaging but I never buy mac make up because it's pricey and I cant be bothered to go into town to a mac counter! I love the look of that lipstick though, I wonder if there's any instock!

  5. ooooh! I've been eyeing this collection for-ever :( Got sold out in 4 hrs in my city! Luckily, my aunt sent me the piece I wanted - Mystical..It's a cremesheen lipstick, netural pinkish-brown... Love the packaging!! Did you try that one CZ?


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