Unboxing The Pretty Box! (What's Inside The Box?)

If you missed it, we played a mystery guessing game "What's Inside The Box?"  HERE. Thank You to everyone who participated, I had fun reading all your guesses! 

LOL-ed at "Underwear" & "Maternity Panty".... hahaha! =D

 Okay, so today I'm finally revealing what's in it! Nobody guessed both the things, but 2 readers got 1 thing right! So, they are the finalists.

The answer is.....

 Cup & Kettle (or Tea Set)

2 readers guessed Cup & Saucer : Shilpa Gandotra & Sonia Rai.

Well done, ladies! =)

I had to shuffle & pick only 1 WINNER, and it is SHILPA GANDOTRA! Congrats!

If you're curious where I found this ridiculously adorable set from.....

From ARCHIES! It's a card/gift shop in India

Yes, I wanted to squeal loudly, jump & clap when I first laid eyes on it!

Price:  Rs.1199.

There are also 1-2 other designs. Saw another with a big floral print.

The WINNER is getting a piece of Jewelry as a prize. I wanted to show it in this post, but I haven't got it yet. I'll buy it this week - one for Winner & one for me. Same Same =)

Okies, talk to you again soon. 

Now I gotta go pack & do my hair + nails. I'm leaving for a mini vacation tomorrow!

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  1. Awwwwww how cuteeeee
    congrats shilpa
    n cz
    m getting this ASAP :)
    have a safe journey dear
    xoxo ^_^

  2. Aww I could have been the one Hard Luck anyways Congrats Shilpa

  3. Cup n kettle !!! Its beautiful , but a cup n kettle in a beauty blog guess box !!! Beyond my imagination ! Sigh !! ......anyway Cynthia , enjoy your trip :)

  4. ok so I wrote this whole long comment with so much excitement and again it just want poof! don't see it here, what is wrong with my browser *sob**sob**sob*

    I wrote something about me being extremely happy (am at work but inside I'm jumping with joy!!!!!) - and getting a same jewelry piece as yours - I called us 'jewelry sisters'!

    oh and that cup & kettle is just super adorable - cuteness all the way! that crazy thought in my head actually made me win!

    thank you all the girls for congratulating me! and thanks CZ for picking me :)

    1. Hey Shilpa, congrats again :)) Can you please leave your email or email me with your address in the Contact section up there near the blog banner? Thanks!


  5. OMGGGG that is the cutest thing ever! the set is sooo prettty! :-)



  6. How beautiful.



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