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New In: Quilted Ballet Shoes

Hi, All! Sorry for not updating here for 2 weeks. Time just flew....somehow. So I dropped in a shoe store yesterday, and found 2 flat casual pairs that I needed. You know, since no high heels for some time. After being in the store for over 15 mins, and trying many many shoes that were too big for me, I was glad that I at least got 2 pairs.
I just love the color combo of these. Taupe-ish grey with light grey accents. Quite impressed with the quality too for the price. No sloppy stitching and glue marks and such. They are soft and cushioney, so I'm gonna be wearing them a lot during the next 4 months of my pregnancy.

Size ~ 36. I'm usually a 33, but these fit me fine. 

From ~ Stelatoes, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi (Next to Rajco)

Price ~ Rs.795.

They're also available in Black & White.....

Now I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten the black ones too.....maybe white too! Oh, the greed.

Thank You for reading, and I'll talk to you again soon.

Whenever you see grass & greenery in my pics, it means I'm staying at my in-laws. Have been here for a few days, and will be heading home tomorrow.

P.S.  In some online websites in India, they call ballet shoes "Bellies" or "Belly Shoes". Funny, no? As if they're for belly dancing =D


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  2. Wow they look so comfy! I'm getting these tomorrow for sure :D
    P.S- love both of your blogs! a big fan! :)


  3. Pretty shoes. and the belly dance logic is soo funny!!

  4. Beautiful shoes. Love the quilted work. Nice. Hope you will get comfy now. I am a fan of flats and these are so adorable... Gotta serch for these here.....

  5. The shoes r so pretty...u should get the white ones as well...

  6. so pretty, loved d color combination & m sure dey must b comfortable for d quilted base.. gosh, how do u always find such things all d time..

  7. Shoes grow on trees?! :0 hahha they look so cute nestled amidst green leaves. I love the quilting. I got a pair of "bellies" from Catwalk today, with a huge polka dotted bow :D

  8. Very pretty shoes Cynthia I love the colour and not sure about stelatoes I have few pairs every time I wear them they kill my feet hope they are comfortable for you though,,,shopping in delhi is my top list next time if we ever visit India 😳
    Can you suggest few places to shop cos I'm originally from North India and only visit Delhi to take a flight to australia

  9. Good choice CZ, i just love Flats:)

    1. i can also spot there the golden ones, wish i could purchase that pair......

  10. Stelatoes is one my fav shop to pickup footwear. I go to Rajouri Garden outlet

  11. Hey CZ.. Lovely shoes.
    I am pretty new to blogging and I am really happy to finally find a fashion blogger who actually shops in India. Every other Indian Fashion blog is by an NRI.
    I am going to go back to your post No 1 and make a list of the lovely shops for my next Delhi tour. I visit my sister there and we go shopping.. but even she has never told me about these fantastic outlets. We mostly end up shopping at GIP :(
    But this time I am going to take her shopping at some lovely places. Thanks to you.

  12. The grey shoes are fantastic. Great choice!

  13. I wanted to say that it's nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer.


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