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CZhome: Dressing Room Curtains, Finally!

Hi, Everyone! Just a quick update on the furnishings & decor of new home. I finally got curtains for my dressing room last week, and I am quite happy with them.
My first plan was to get floral curtains, and was kinda liking the ones below.....3rd white/grey......

 ......but they were quite expensive - Rs.750/meter. 

So, I picked up this light pistachio green one instead, and I'm so glad, because now I think they're better than the floral ones. Since they are sheer (semi-sheer, I'd say), I don't have to draw them open every time, like I would have to do with opaque ones. You know, since it's so hot outside. They also have a nice sheen  and a grossgrain-like texture, so they don't look so flat.

Mr.CZ also pointed out that the floral ones would have overpowered the room, and wouldn't have looked very good ("Just imagine, big big in-your-face flowers right there!") 

 He's absolutely right! Why didn't I think of that?! =D

This fabric was for Rs.250/meter. 15 meters went into these curtains.

From: Sita Fabrics, Lajpat Nagar Market, New Delhi.

Hope you like them too! 

Please don't take the other stuff you see in the pics seriously. I still don't know what goes where right now, so I just randomly "decorate".

I've yet to get some necessary things for this room:

 ~ A day bed or chaise that will go where that telephone stand is right now.
~ A chair/stool for my vanity.
~ Artificial flowers. Because I'm done with real ones. They die! =(
~ Etc.

Until next time......

Thank You for reading, and I'll see you again in a much-requested Shoe post soon =)


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  1. Your dressing room looks chic! Looking forward to seeing pictures of it once it's done up completely :)

    1. Thanks Dollie! Ya, will post pics when I've got everything on the list :)


  2. Its beautiful CZ. Mr.CZ has such good insighy

  3. Impressive home decor Cynthia.. I love bright well lit rooms...

  4. You've done a great job here Cynthia, everything looks so neat. I can never imagine having a white room. I'd never be able to keep it clean

  5. THANKS everyone! Happy u like :)


  6. I've been into beauty, lifestyle kind of stuff for a very long time now. I read, research and search YouTube for the same and 99.9% of the time the youtubers are foreigner which is sometimes difficult to relate since we live India.
    But let me tell you something I'm so glad I found your blog. The best part is I can relate not just that I simply love blog and everything!

    You're no less than the celeb- you tubers.

    Lots of love and good wishes.
    Keep up :)

  7. Your dressing room is lovely, and I love those curtains and that white shelf on the side. So chic!


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