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Products Of The Week: The Body Shop Strawberry Range

A couple weeks ago:
Me: "I want strawberries."

Family: "Oh, they're not in season right now. Why, you're craving them?"

Me: "Yes.", I lied.

I wasn't craving them, I wanted to click pictures of them along with these Strawberry goodies from The Body Shop. Yeah, I'd eat them afterwards - sprinkled with powdered sugar....mmm - but they'd have to pose for pictures first ;p

We've heard that the key to making fragrances last is to layer them - shower gel, body lotion, and then perfume. So, if you want to smell like strawberries all day long, you might want to indulge in The Body Shop Strawberry range:
The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel, Rs.425 (250 ml) ~ It's soap-free and contains real strawberry seed oil. I use this when I don't want to use a lotion or body butter afterwards (when it's very hot, and I don't want any emollients & grease on my skin), and my skin never feels dry.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter, Rs.1095 (200 ml) ~ This was one the first TBS Body Butters I tried, so I have loved it in the past. It combats dryness and smells just YUM! In hubby's words, "Like cream-filled cookies." I used it on my big stretchy belly when I ran out of Bio Oil, and it soothes the skin just as well.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist, Rs.745 (100 ml) ~ First time I'm using a body mist that I like. I thought this would smell too strong and sweet, but was pleasantly surprised that it's subtle - like an eau de toilette. I use it like a perfume: Neck, wrists, back of knees. ***NOT to be used on the face***
Bath Gloves & Green Loofah are also from The Body Shop. I've had them for a while. The Bath Gloves since 2010! Of course I didn't use them for probably 2 years in between, so they're still in tip-top condition =)

So if you're wondering what I smell like, these days it's strawberries! =)

The Shower Gel & Body Butter will make it to my 'Empties' bathroom cabinet pretty soon.

A big THANK YOU to The Body Shop India for surprising me with this hamper last month. A box just arrived at my address! When I opened it and saw only things I knew I was gonna really like, double joy! =D

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  1. What a cute post! I'm a big fan of berry products!!
    Love your blog! xx

  2. I love the strawberry shower gel, rest all seem tad pungent for my nose.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I love strawberries

  5. I totally love your creativity Cynthia and the little stories you add. I am tempted to try the body mist

  6. I am using TBS strawberry body mist since really long now (finished one bottle and got another one recently) and I am totally in LOVE with it ! I love its fragrance ! Just perfect ! Not too strong not to faint ! <3 After using strawberry one I got rose and vanilla too ! Love them ! Though my friends hate when I wear vanilla ;) he he he
    I have strawberry body butter and lip balm but not from TBS, I find the fragrance of TBS body butters a bit oily :\ is it just me ? I love love M&S body butters and lip balms though !
    Love the pics Cynthia :) In the beginning I thought there are going to be real strawberries in the pics( the pics were not visible then :D ) he he he !
    Take care :)


  7. Not a big fan of straw berry, but i love thise products from TBS

  8. Yeah, strawberries would have made the pics look better! :)

  9. This is my favorite fragrance from The Body Shop!

  10. Cynthia , I am currently using the body shop strawberry shower gel and satsuma shower gel . I prefer the later I.e the satsuma shower gel. In my opinion they are luxury products but nothing extraordinary ! Once you take a bath with these gels u leave the bathroom with a whiff of fragrance that doesn't last too long.May be layering is the key !!! Lastly my sibling uses the activist shower gel and EDT .I lob it. I use his products when he is not around. They smell awesome on my skin. if you too like men's fragrance try them.: D D love - Sonia.


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