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Bargain Pretty Summer Nail Polishes

I'd been wearing only one pink nail polish for months (Bourjois So Laque Rose Imaginaire), because I still don't have my small stash of nail polishes with me. They were in a box we left at the in-laws. As I was painting my nails with now-tacky Rose Imaginaire on Thursday night, I felt very angry! I can't live like this! Apply sticky nail polish that should've been chucked already.... Oh no! I shouldn't have brushed the center again!

So on Friday, I went home with 6 new nail polishes. 3 of them are from The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Nails collection: Shades I'm so into these days, cute bottles, even cuter price......
PK102, GR501, PK109

PK102, GR501, PK109

Swatches: PK102, GR501, PK109. 3 coats, because they are a bit runny. The finish is not very glossy & pale shades tend to look chalky, so I think they'd look better with a top coat (that I also need to buy.)

Price: Rs.100 each. 
The cheapest (pretty) nail polishes after Maybelline Color Show (Rs.75)

Available at Sephora. I got them from the Select City Walk store. In case you didn't know, Sephora has opened 2 more stores in Delhi -  Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj & Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

*Just fyi, you can get The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Creams cheaper from Ebay (half the price at Sephora), but these nail polishes are cheaper at Sephora.

Which is your favorite? Mine is PK109, because it's so 'pastel' and so chic.

Have a lovely weekend, all! <3

I've been staying at the in-laws since Friday, so I'll be leaving with the other nail polishes I left here tomorrow. When you have, you have more than you need. When you don't have, you have nothing at all! That's one of the odd things about life.


  1. Its early mornings, I am admiring your new shades with my gummy eyes!! Shades look lovely on your hand. But I prefer bourjois, rose on you, you better repurchase it. :p the other day I went to GIP. I saw the colour bar kiosk.i was quite impressed by their nail paint display.they had a wide spectrum of shades. I came back with a self promise that I will buy some on my next visit. You must check out their range too. ...

  2. They're so pretty! Just perfect for spring.

  3. INR 100 at Sephora thats really surprising. I am definitely picking these up next time.Anyways beautiful color CZ.

  4. You've convinced beautiful Cynthia! I've been dying for new pastel pale polishes and I only have one pale pink from etude house but really need to get some more and TFS is the right spot to go to!

  5. I love these and own some 20 of them!!!!!!!!!!!
    Over here the face shop is there in almost every mall and is an affordable beauty story and is similar to etude house which is equally amazing!

  6. Oh so pretty! The blue one looks so similar to Maybelline Colorshow Blueberry Ice... been wearing that non-stop!

  7. So pretty! i I love the blue one!

  8. Love all the colours.. So pretty...The blue is too good. Its somehow making me feel that Baby Cz wants mommy to wear blue. Well its just a feeling. But mommy would know better than me....

  9. These look Sephora in Mumbai :/ Last line..totally true!


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