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For A MAC Virgin

"I'm going to MAC for the very first time! What should I buy?"

This is the most common email I get regarding MAC. I never know what to say, because when you don't really know the person asking, it's hard to recommend just a few or one product. Lipstick or Blush? Which color? What if she doesn't wear lipstick? Oh, eyeshadow! But neutrals or bright shades? Brus----pots! Argh, forget it! I won't reply to this email! I don't know anything!

{If you emailed me about this, now you know.}

So today I'll just show you my the MAC products I'd buy all over again - if I had to.

MAC Blushes:

 Peaches (Sheertone) ~ If you love peach blushes, this is one to own.

 Fleur Power (Satin) ~ It's so strange that this is my most-worn pink blush yet I haven't hit pan until now!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 ~ It's a thick heavy-coverage cream concealer that covers blemishes quite well. I rarely use it anymore, because now I need another shade. This is shade NC35, which still suits my undereye areas.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Light Medium) ~ I've hit pan, which means I've been using it more than I realized. It's a compact powder with medium coverage, so you can use it alone.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft & Gentle ~ The best highlighting powder I've come across. Most are too shimmery, but this has a very fine texture.

MAC 266 Small Angle Brush ~ Love it. Can't live without it. I use it for eyeliner & brows.

MAC 217 Blending Brush ~ The most copied blending brush

MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush ~ I use this to apply lid colors. It delivers both powder & cream e/s well.

I'm also getting the MAC 219 Pencil Brush next. I like that it's stiffer than other pencil brushes I have.

Paintpots: Long-lasting cream eyeshadows you can wear alone or under other eyeshadows

Layin' Low ~ A creamy beige that works great as a primer. Swatched here

Genuine Treasure ~ A gorgeous glittery gold. Limited Edition, but I love it so much I had to incluse it. In case it comes back, do check it out! Swatched here

Constructivist ~ A metallic brown. You wear this, and you don't need any other e/s. It has made it to my most-worn MAC products list. Swatched here
TOP 8 Lipsticks:

See Sheer (Lustre) ~ One of the first MAC lippies I bought. It's old now, so I don't use it anymore. I'm purchasing another one soon.

Patisserie (Lustre) ~ This. No nude lipstick will ever take it's place! Swatched here

Ruby Woo (Retro Matte) ~ What can I say? The one red lippie that rocks my world. Swatched & worn here

Please Me (Matte) ~ Worn here

All Fired Up (Retro Matte) ~ Swatched & Worn here

Impassioned (Amplified) ~ Swatched here

Chatterbox (Amplified Creme) ~ A pink that's not too light, not too bright.

Flat Out Fabulous (Retro Matte) ~ Swatched & Worn here

See Sheer (Lustre), Patisserie (Lustre), Ruby Woo (Retro Matte), Please Me (Matte), All Fired Up(Retro Matte), Impassioned (Amplified), Chatterbox (Cremesheen), Flat Out Fabulous (Retro Matte)

 Extra Favorite Lipsticks:

Viva Glam Nicki Minaj (Satin) ~ I wore it here

Pink Pigeon (Matte) ~ It was a Limited Edition, but now it's a permanent! I wore it here

Rebel (Matte) ~ A deep plum fall shade. I wore it here

Viva Glam V (Lustre) ~ A neutral pink with pink. It's one of those pinky-nude lippies that suit most skin tones.

Cosmo (Amplified) ~ I wore it here

Viva Glam Nicki Minaj (Satin) Pink Pigeon (Matte) Rebel (Matte) Viva Glam V Cosmo (Amplified Creme)

Ultimate Limited Edition Favorites that I can't live without. Both from Archie's Girls Collection

Cream Soda Blush (Satin) ~ If I don't want pink or peach or coral, I turn to this.

Betty Bright Lipstick (Satin) ~ Most unique lipstick shade.

Lastly, a skincare product I'll be repurchasing more than twice....

MAC Cleanse Off Oil ~ Cleansing oil without mineral oil. It removes makeup effortlessly & smells really good. That bottle was finished from the time I was in Scotland, but I brought it back, so i can include in my Back-To-MAC stash =D

What about MAC eyeshadows?
I'm not that into MAC e/s, because I'm very happy using my UD Naked Palettes, Inglot Palettes.& Sleek Makeup Palettes. But I know exactly what I'd want in my MAC Eyeshadow Palette: Brule, Sketch, Woodwinked, Creme de Violet, Shadowy Lady, name a few.

*I did have a palette once, but I sold it in a Blog Sale.

MAC Foundations?
Again, I'm more into drugstore foundations. That way, I don't feel awful if it reacts badly on my skin after a while. But I might try a MAC one this year - probably one of the compact Studio cream-to-powder foundations. Ooh...okay, now I really want one! =)

Now I have to ask, how many MAC Virgins reading this? And what would your first purchase be?

Any other recommendations from all you other MAC Wh---junkies are welcome! ;)


  1. Hi CZ, thanks for this post. I've been lusting after Pink Pigeon ever since your LOTD. Now I know I can still get it so that will be my purchase from MAC

  2. i've been pondering over getting msf. i love this post :)

  3. This is a great post.. Awesome in fact.. Thanks dear.. Now I know what to look for when I hit the store for the first time :*

  4. Mac Virgin right here! I can't wait to lay my hands on the paint pots and highlighting powder next time I am in Delhi. No stores here in Udaipur :/

  5. Ah!! That's an awesome compilation...I love MAC mostly for lipsticks and paintpots, and if I had to choose, I'd say the paintpot in Indianwood and Sheen Supreme lipstick in Impressive are my absolute favorites and most used products, can't live without these two :)

  6. Ahhhh..thts a great post....I can also vouch for Chillie, Pinch Me sheer tone blush, sheer concealer, Face and Body Foundation & MAke up remover. :)

  7. Amazing compilation of all the must buy mac product CZ ... loved the post and this took me back to of some of my forgotten loves to some mac products.....
    Check out 10 Beauty Fun Facts You Can’t Miss to Know on my website

  8. hey pls help me with a mac compact..i hav really oily skin so which mac compact i shud fix or skinfinish naturals?

  9. Love the lipsticks & lush collection.. I have 2 eyeshadows - Amberlights & Expensive pink, MAC foundation & MAC 217

  10. Nice post Cynthia .I use Mac Studio fixfoundation.its good but best for spl occasions. Its too heavy for daily use. I have just used it twice in last one year :/ my long list of * to be bought products * is ready .just want a day free to do bit of survey *what suits me * to close the deal. I would suggest you to get a handbook printed for your followers, which will be like a foolsguide for us. :D its not possible to come back to ur blog for small things.that is going to be handy :D

    1. Before you read my above comment , I have added russian red and retro to my collection. Rest of your fav colous like cosmo mehr flat out fab, vegas volt looked horrible on me. Your fav highligher was out of stock. Bought lot of stuff from the body shop , boujouis , wish I could show you.i carried my three page list to GIP :D one asked me if I was buying for parlour lol lol .

  11. All I have till now are MAC lipsticks.. never bought any other product from them.. I want to buy blushes and foundation for quite sometime now... Fleur seems everyone fav.. good post..

  12. Beautiful post CZ... love all your posts actually ;)
    I hve finished See sheer and cosmo- have to buy them again. Fanfare in cremesheen is also a lovely pink. finished that as well. melba blush I use almost daily but haven't seen the pan yet. wondering !!! just got the MAC bronzer. have used it a Cpl of times and so far so good.
    Good job with this post :)

  13. I'm a MAC Virgin.....visited a mac store once....cudn't decide on any 1 product. I'm happy wid Colorbar lippies nd eyeliners.The Body shop powder foundations nd compact n mascara.

  14. I am a MAC virgin and I might most likely buy a bright & a nude lipstick as my first MAC product.

  15. I'm a Mac virgin and I'd love to try a lipstick first. Cosmo seems like a good choice :)

  16. Very nice compilation.this is so useful post.loved it

  17. I am thinking of the mac strobe cream or the strobe liquid because I've heard some really good reviews about it!

  18. The pink pigeon looks nice. Such a great idea for a post. The first item I purchased from MAC was a foundation.

  19. I have some MAC products, but I'm still very much a noob lol
    Thank you so much for this post, it's very helpful <3

  20. Im still a MAC Virgin here!

    I have been wanting to buy something from MAC for a long time. But my parents will kill me if I buy a product that expensive..So till, I am making my own, I'll just look at this MAC Porn and just sigh...


  21. I'm not a MAC virgin even though I haven't been to a store in over two years, mainly because the sales girls there are the worst snobs ever and it's still very expensive compared to other brands. I might have to go there since I'm running out of my blacktrack, and I've been meaning to try out the Soft&Gentle for ages. I agree both on eyeshadows and foundations :)

  22. MAC virgin, but reading your posts over the years I had already decided to buy Ruby Woo and Flat out Fabulous.. This post just makes me happier with my decision. Kolkata has only one Mac store which is like the other part of the town from where I am.. as soon as I am in the area.. Im buying it!!

  23. Not a MAC virgin but reading this even after 3years :)
    Love your blog and always buy the products that you recommend and people compliment me on how good I look in them,so thankyou! :)


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