Catrice Cosmetics In India! Haul

You may have noticed that I'm not so adventurous when it comes to drugstore brands. I mean, the time I was in the UK, when I went to Boots & Superdrug, what did my hauls consist of? Bourjois, Revlon, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Rimmel..... same old, same old. So when I buy more than one product from a new brand, it means I like it.... A LOT!

Yesterday evening, when we were grocery shopping at our local supermarket, I spotted Catrice in one corner of the store, and I didn't want to leave the store anymore! I wanted to buy soooo many things! I was not offended by the prices....oh, and all products have witty shade names!
About Catrice Cosmetics: It's a European brand, that's only sold in some parts of Europe. They're known for good budget-friendly beauty products. If I'm not wrong, it's by the same company behind Essence Cosmetics. That's all I know for now.
Here's what I picked up:

Catrice Made To Stay Long-Lasting Eyeshadow in 070 Mauvie Star ~  It's a shimmery blend of mauve-taupe, quite similar to MAC Frozen Violet Pro Longwear Paintpot. There are about 6-8 gorgeous shades, and it was tough to pick just one. Price: Rs.420.

Catrice Multi Colour Blush in Strawberry Frappucino ~ So Pretty! I've only swatched the tester of this, and it's nice. I wanted a dupe for MAC Cream Soda Blush (Archie's Girls Collection), and I think the 3rd shade in this is quite similar. There's another Brown/Nude kind of shade called Iced Caramel Macchiato that I also liked, and will pick up next time. Price: Rs.480.

Catrice Eyebrow Stylist in 020 Date With Ash-ton ~ An ash brown. I've already worn it, and I think it's gonna be my go-to eyebrow product from now on. Also available in other darker shades. Price: Rs.300

Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas Lashes ~ These are from a Limited Edition Collection called 'Welcome To Las Vegas'. Price: Rs.340.
Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas Collection

Where? Le Marche Supermarket, Gurgaon.

Le Marche has a few more outlets in Delhi, including one in Vasant Vihar Community Center.

Let me find out where else they've put counters in Delhi and anywhere else, and I will let you all know when I know more! If any of you have spotted it somewhere, do tell!

 You can visit Catrice website HERE, if you want to check out their products.

P.S: Since most Indian cosmetics brands are being very hi-fi with their pricing these days, let's all support these affordable European brands, so they're here to stay! :)


  1. I've never tried Catrice products, because I don't find many stands in my city, or stands in right conditions :(
    But I love that blush, it's so romantic!

  2. Catrice is available in my country, I really like it, because it is a brand with good quality and good prices! :) And yes, Essence is a cheaper makeup brand from the same company, it's also a good one :)

  3. Catrice is very budget friendly, with very good quality they have interesing eyeshadow color :) Essence is same makeup brand but cheaper. I like both :)

  4. The eyeshadow looks pretty and the fake eyelashes are just amazing!


  5. Ooh CZ Catrice is a brand I've heard great things about, esp. their nail-polishes. They make some amazingly pretty neons and pastels- do pick up some next time, and put up the pics here for us to drool over. And I totally agree with what you said in the last para! ;-)

  6. This brand is available in my country too.. its very good brand with good colours and stuff... i love everything from this brand.... must checkout out there highlighters...primers etc... lovely brand

  7. I think those are some great first purchases from them in India! I bought sooo much when I found catrice selling in singapore! Have loved everything from them especially their single blushes and single shadows!

  8. I've never tried Catrice before. The Blush You picked looks really cute.

  9. These products look very cute!

  10. Oh yes! I am BANNING Lakme from my to-buy list...a 100 bucks for a compact?? Really?? and 900 for a miniature concealer..ridiculous!

    Catrice is pretty cheap for an imported brand...and so is essence (available at medplusbeauty right now)
    Btw..lovely haul.. :)

  11. Oh Wow....I will look for them in Mumbai.

  12. Have never heard of the brand before and don't think they will be available in Pune for quite some time.. Anyways I love the eyebrow stylist and blush shade.

  13. The products seem quite reasonable in range.
    I would love to try them on.

    Crush-on-beauty just posted

  14. I havent ever used cattrice products but you are extremely right it is good to encourage them as it is more pocket friendly european brand ... Will definitely check their products out.. thanks for the info.... :)
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  15. Hey Girl! Which Le Marche does this happen to be in Gurgaon?


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